How to Study for Fundamentals of Nursing

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What Are the Nursing Fundamentals?

Nursing fundamentals is a class that forms basic knowledge in nursing. Knowing about the stages of the nursing process, nursing legalities, and other foundations will help to understand what specific duties nurses perform on a daily basis, how to interact with patients successfully, and what are the limits of competence for nurses.

Thus, learning the fundamentals of nursing is critical for any nursing student who wants to succeed at work in the future. This course can be challenging due to a large amount of new information, but it is totally possible to complete the course successfully. Keep reading to find useful studying tips.

Why Is It Important to Study Fundamentals of Nursing?

The beginning of studying at nursing school is an exciting yet challenging time. And naturally, first-year students want to know more about what they will be studying in their first semester and how to prepare for it.

One of the courses taught to students at the beginning of nursing school is the fundamentals of nursing. It is a class that helps nursing students learn basic nursing skills that are critical for working as a nurse, such as:

  • Positioning patients
  • Charting
  • Assessing patients
  • Performing diagnosis
  • Providing a quality care
  • Legal issues in nursing

Usually, a nursing fundamentals course, also called a nursing foundations course, includes lectures, a skills lab, and a clinical site. This helps students not only learn the theory but also apply it in practice.

Tip 1: Choose Your Learning Style

At the beginning of studying, try to find a way of picking up information that works for you. Perhaps, it is better for you to hear the information instead of reading it or vice versa. Find your way to learn new material, and it will make the studying process much easier.

Also, think of the best place for learning. It can be your room, library, or even a park. Make sure that nothing will distract you from learning.

Tip 2: Thoroughly Understand the Material

It is not enough to just memorize the information in lectures. The key to passing the course is to learn the material comprehensively. Besides the materials given in the course, use additional sources of information, like articles and forums. And don’t be scared to ask questions if something is not clear for you.

Tip 3: Constantly Practice With NCLEX Questions

There will be plenty of exams during your education at nursing school. And to be prepared for them, there is no better way than taking practice tests. It will help to double-check your knowledge and learn how to answer the question properly.

The best option is to use NCLEX practice questions, as it will help you to prepare for your current exam and get used to the NCLEX-style questions all at once.