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Money-back Guarantee

We are responding to our promises – your money will be returned if something goes wrong. All the details about the refund are here.

Refund period

When you can request a refund depending on the order volume and features.
Orders <20 pages
Less than 20 pages/slides 14-day period
Orders >20 pages
More than 20 pages/slides 30-day period
Exceptional cases
If plagiarism is confirmed 180-day period

Cases when a refund is appropriate

There are various scenarios, the order of case processing, and possible measures taken.
If you want to cancel the order
The order is not completed/delivered/ downloaded
Order delivery was delayed
Irrelevance to the initial instructions
Quality claims
My order was canceled
You requested another writer
Refunds on a case-by-case basis
If you want to cancel the order
In that case, you are assured of returning the full cost of your order. Your money will be debited to the initial payment account within 5-7 business days from order cancellation. 
The order is not completed/delivered/ downloaded
You are assured of a full refund in case the order in its complete form is not finished or delivered to you. If you don't receive or download the finished paper(s), you can also get your money back in full.
Order delivery was delayed
If there are any problems with the paper delivery from our side due to unexpected circumstances, you are assured of compensation in the form of bonuses returned to your Bonus Balance or a discount you may use for your next order.
Irrelevance to the initial instructions
Suppose you want your money back due to the irrelevance of initial instructions. In that case, the refund amount is comparable to the mistakes presented in the paper and the percentage of incorrect content. After your request, the Quality Assurance Department will process your case and evaluate the paper to determine your compensation. 
Quality claims
Please note that if there are any quality claims, you may be required to attach documented proof to your request. It can be a scanned copy of a plagiarism report, your supervisor's feedback, etc. You can submit a request anytime you feel need within the specified refund period. It will be immediately delivered to the Quality Assurance for consideration on necessary actions to fix the situation and compensation amount.
My order was canceled
There are two compensation options if your order is canceled halfway before the specified deadline or later. You may choose from a 100% compensation to your Bonus Balance or 30% of the order cost debited to the initial payment account. All the bonuses available on the balance can be used for your next orders. The period for returning to the initial account is 5-7 business days after the cancellation has been submitted. 
You requested another writer
The option to choose a preferred expert is free. However, there can be a situation when the chosen writer cannot proceed with the paper and deliver it within the specified deadline. In such a case, we take responsibility for finding you another specialist with relevant experience and qualifications. We understand that this situation can be undesirable for customers. Still, the writer's turnover is not a reason for a refund. 
Refunds on a case-by-case basis
There may be unique reasons for refunds we also consider to ensure our customer's best possible experience. In that situation, we proceed with such cases on an individual order within the money-back period appropriate. Your request will be promptly sent to the Quality Assurance Department, which will decide on the necessary corrective actions and compensation.

3 steps to get a refund

01You submit a money-back request
You can request a refund anytime by phone, email, or chat from your Customer Area. Specify the issue and number of your order or email; add documented proof if the reason for a refund requires it.
02We are processing your request
After getting a request, your order is immediately forwarded to the Quality Assurance Department. If there are any additional questions or issues, our Support manager will contact you directly.
03You get your funds back
When the request is processed, you will get compensation determined by the Quality Assurance Department after comparing their findings about the case with the reasons for the refund.

More facts about
our money-back option

What instructions are considered irrelevant within a money-back?

In the event that the reason for the refund is a discrepancy with the instructions, the Quality Assurance Department will use the original instructions given by the customer initially for comparison. Any other new, additional, or differing requirements that are provided after the fact are considered irrelevant.

What determines the refund request processing time?

The time of processing requests may vary from case to case and depends on paper volume and refund reason. Please note that you must submit a request within the refund period available for your paper. Even if this is an exceptional case with an extended 180-day period, it is much preferable to make the initial request within 14 or 30 days.

What information is required to initiate a refund request?

To initiate a refund request, you need to specify a reason. In some cases, you may be required to add a document proof, e.g., a plagiarism report, a scanned copy of your supervisor's feedback, etc., if there are any problems with the quality or instructions. If there are any problems with following instructions and a revision has been requested and is not helpful, the Quality Assurance Department will review the case based on all paper versions, including the original and the revised ones.

Can I track the status of my refund request?

You can contact us anytime to find out the status of your request from your Support manager. Our Customer Support is available 24/7; the average response time is 1 minute.

What if I have a unique situation?

Please contact us using any available communication methods (email, phone, message board, or live chat) and specify your needs and preferences to the Customer Support manager. Our Customer Support is available 24/7 and is always ready to help you with your issue, find a solution, or answer any of your questions.
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