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Brief Overview of Nursing Report

When nurses end their shifts, they have to hand over important information about the patient to the next nurse to ensure continuity. So, they write all the key information in an important document known as a nursing report. It summarizes the important details about a patient’s health and care. It includes basic identification information, current health status, and the ongoing care plan, such as the medication schedule and procedures.

There are different reporting types, each serving a unique purpose. They include:

  • Clinical case reporting: writing pieces containing information about specific patient cases.
  • Patient care plans: outline the care interventions a patient will receive during treatment.
  • Shift reporting: handed to reporting nurses during a shift change.
  • Patient transfer reporting: given when patients are transferred from one unit to another.

Each of them must be accurate and detailed because reporting plays a major role in decision-making, communication, legal accountability, and quality assurance. They are crucial in ensuring safe and effective care; thus, students and practicing nurses should know how to write them well.

8 Steps of Nursing Report Writing

A nursing report is an important document, and nurses should leave no room for errors when writing it. Below are essential steps to create a document that clearly and accurately communicates the critical details of a patient’s situation.

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  • Gather Information

Review the patient’s medical records, including admission notes, progress notes, and other relevant test results. Then, talk to them and their family to obtain additional information on their condition, preferences, and concerns.

  • Confirm the Patient’s Identity

In most hospitals, you can check patients’ armbands, but you can also ask for their names or use other identifiers. Note down all the aspects of the patient’s identity, including name, age, gender, and room number.

  • Determine the Correct Reporting Format

There are different formats for report writing in nursing, such as SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) and SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation). Use the format specified by your supervisor or used in your healthcare facility.

nursing incident report
  • Record the Subjective and Objective Information

Note the subjective information the patient or their family provides, such as symptoms or any new changes they’ve experienced. Then, note the objective information from assessments and observations, such as vital signs, lab results, and diagnostic tests.

  • Conduct Assessment

Provide your assessment of the patient’s condition based on your collected data. Your assessment should consider any interventions by other medical professionals, for example, medication provided by the doctor and how the individual responded to it.

You can also draw some assessments by observing the sick person to discover any changes in attitude, appearance, or even symptoms compared to when they were admitted. Remember to highlight any deviations from the expected results.

  • Create a Care Plan

The next step in nursing report writing is formulating a care plan for the sick person. Here, you need to indicate the actions you or the doctor plan to take to help the individual.

  • Document the Interventions

Document the care you’ve provided during your shift, including any medication you’ve administered, wound care, patient education, and other interventions. Remember to note the times for administering the medication and the observations you made.

  • Document the Patient’s Responses

Note the patient’s responses to the interventions and any changes to their condition. A nursing writing report should also provide information on interventions such as pain management and the effectiveness of the pain interventions administered to the individual.

Some Essentials of Report Writing in Nursing to Remember

The above steps can guide you to a decent writing piece containing all the necessary information. However, there are ways to improve the quality of your document, and we’ve compiled the most effective ones.

  • Organize Information Clearly

The organization is crucial in nursing report writing. Start by confirming you have the correct format, SOAP or SBAR, depending on the healthcare institution. Use clear headings for the patient’s name and other important information.

  • Be Specific and Objective

Be specific in describing the sick person’s condition and avoid vague terms. Also, focus on the measurable data and objective observations. Nursing report sheets should only consist of accurate facts and observations for easy reference.

  • Seek Assistance When Needed

Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance or clarification. For example, you can liaise with other nurses and doctors to clarify the format you should use, especially when you’re new to a healthcare facility. You can also seek assistance from professional nursing report writing services like ours.

  • Maintain Confidentiality

HIPAA regulations are strict on confidentiality, and as a nurse, you should always adhere to their guidelines. Don’t include in the paper unnecessary personal information of the sick individual.

  • Proofread the Written Piece

Before finalizing the document, review it for accuracy and clarity. Also, confirm that you’ve included all the relevant information to ensure the document accurately describes patient care.

Quality Nursing Report Example to Enhance Your Writing

Still unsure about how to handle such a writing task? Explore some examples to guide you. Despite the tips we’ve provided, it’s normal for individuals unfamiliar with the task to feel unsure about it. That’s where our examples are useful.

With examples from our writing experts, you can familiarize yourself with what is expected of you with this document. There are various examples, including nursing progress notes, care plans, shift reporting, and even an IOM report example to summarize surgery.

You can use these examples to understand the structure, tone, language, and terminology to use in the document. You can also observe the key elements you should include in your document. The samples are crafted by expert nurses, so don’t be afraid to use them to inspire your work. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us. Upon request, we can also assist with reflective journaling for nursing students.

Try Our Writing Assistance for Neatly Done Reporting

Quality reporting takes a lot of practice and knowledge. So, the task will likely be challenging for many students or practitioners. Luckily, we have a nursing report example to guide you or, better yet, professional writers ready to assist with writing or editing the document. Contact us today and acquire a well-written paper just at the specified time.