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Earn $50 for every friend you refer

...and gift your friend a special $25 off on their first order.
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How our referral program works


Copy your referral link

Copy your referral link from the Customer Area and share it with a friend. By using it, they will get $25 off their 1st order of $50 and more.

Get 50$ to your balance

You get $50 in your Referral Balance once your friend's paper is done. Please note: if the total cost of their order is less than $50, your reward will be 50% of it (not $50).

Get paid with PayPal

You can either withdraw your funds to your PayPal account or transfer them to your Bonus Balance to use for future orders.

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How can I use my referral code?

Feel free to share your referral code/link with your friends or acquaintances who could benefit from our professional nursing writing assistance. There's no limit to the number of invites you can send, so the more new users you refer, the more money you'll earn!

What will I get $50 for?

You get $50 for every new verified customer who uses NursingPaper for the first time and places an order with your referral link or code. When they apply the code, they'll receive a $25 discount on their $50 or more order. Your reward will be credited to your balance once your friend's paper is completed. If their paper is less than $50, you'll receive 50% of the amount paid. Let's clarify with two examples:

Example 1: You share your code, and your friend uses it to order $100 worth of services, instantly receiving a $25 discount. After completing their paper, you'll receive $50 in your Balance.

Example 2: You share your code, and your friend uses it to order up to $50. While they won't receive a discount, you'll still earn 50% of the amount paid to your Balance upon completing their paper.

If my friend ordered for the first time without my referral code, can I get a reward for them?

Yes, you can get it, but only if they use your link and make their first order from the same device (with Incognito Mode turned off). Note also that this is available within 45 days of their order placement – this is how long we store cookies.

Where can I see how much I've earned and the number of my referrals?

All details about your earnings, the number of referrals you've made, and their respective orders can be found in the Customer Area.

How can I withdraw the money I earned?

You are able to withdraw any amount of your earnings to your Bonus Balance for use on future orders. Additionally, if your balance exceeds $100, you can withdraw these funds to your PayPal account.

Can I use the referral link/code myself?

No, you cannot. Using your code or creating a second account to earn rewards is not permitted. Any attempts to set up a second account for this purpose may result in account suspension. Such actions violate our Fair use policy and are strictly prohibited.

Need help with a referral program?

We are here 24/7 and always ready to come to your aid and answer any questions.