What Is a BSN Degree in Nursing?

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Nursing Educational System: Opening Remarks

BSN degree, which stands for Bachelor of Science in Nursing, is a program that will help you to start your career path in nursing and also boost your portfolio if you are already a registered nurse (see also how to become a registered nurse). It increases more chances of getting a well-paid job since employers pay special attention to obtaining a BSN degree.

Also, a bachelor’s degree in nursing covers all the essential disciplines and training that are necessary to learn no matter what nursing level you want to enter. BSN is an intermediate level after which you will be able to take the Master of Science in Nursing. So let’s take a closer look at what a BSN degree in nursing offers.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a BSN Diploma?

Traditionally when matriculants apply for BSN in some colleges, that means that they will study from the entry-level. In the USA, the medical education system is one of the most difficult and verifiable. That means that if you’re applying for the BSN, you will have to go through a complete program that will last four years.

During that time, you will receive the necessary knowledge that will help you to become a nurse in the future. Of course, if you have already worked as a Licensed practical nurse, you will not have to go through a full program, but nevertheless, you will still have to finish the NCLEX-RN exam.

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Can You Become a Registered Nurse Without a BSN Diploma?

Since Nursing is a very responsible area of work, you will not be able to work even as a Certified Nursing Assistant without the proper educational certificate. For example, to be allowed to nursing practice and work as a CNA, you will require a state license and pass a special exam.

If you want to start working directly as a nurse, there are two ways you can achieve that. First is via receiving a BSN diploma in college, and another way via ADN or Associate Degree in Nursing. The ADN program means that you will still have to study for two years and pass the NCLEX exam. So as you can see in both ways, there is no chance to become a nurse without a special degree.

Responsibilities and Opportunities for BSN Nurses

BSN nurses can deal with absolutely everything regarding treatment and patient care once they receive their diploma. Once you receive a BSN degree, you will be able to assess the symptoms of patients, make decisions about treatment, and of course, manage patient care.

What is more important is that after receiving a BSN degree, a lot of career opportunities open for you. For example, you will be able to apply for positions of nurse recruiter or health policy nurse.

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