What Is ADN Nursing?

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What Is an ADN Degree in Nursing?

Becoming a registered nurse is a long and complex way. However, a lot of nurses start their careers with ADN nursing. An associate degree in nursing is the first step in the professional development of a nursing job. This is the minimum degree that is required if you want to apply for a position as a nurse.

The program of getting an associate degree in nursing lasts for two years. Surely, there are programs that can be accomplished earlier, for example, in 20 months. However, the final step in all the programs is passing the NCLEX exam, which will open the opportunities to become a registered nurse.

What Do Nurses With an ADN Degree Do?

There are multiple positions ADN nurses can occupy and tons of responsibilities they can take care of. Let’s start with the career places.

After getting an ADN degree in nursing, you can work with adults, the elderly, and children. Here are the jobs you can apply for as an ADN nurse:

  • A travel nurse
  • A psychiatric nurse
  • A hospital nurse
  • Community health nurse
  • A rehab nurse
  • Home health nurse
  • A hospice nurse and many other positions

In day-to-day hospital life, ADN nurses can have a lot of tasks to do. They will provide care for patients who are injured and sick. Here is the spectrum of responsibility of an ADN nurse:

  • Participating in patients’ state evaluation
  • Communicating with clients about their symptoms and conditions
  • Getting in touch with the patient’s relatives
  • Monitoring the condition of the patients
  • Answering patients’ questions
  • Passing information from patients to physicians or other nurses
  • Analyzing the results of tests
  • Getting patients and their families aware of proper health care and treatment

As you see, there are a lot of tasks a nurse with an ADN degree can do. From taking care of patients to providing guidance, this specialization is always in demand.

How to Become an ADN Nurse?

When having a desperate desire to become a nurse, the process of achieving an ADN degree will be easy way. Here is what you have to go through to get the desired associate’s degree in nursing.

The basic certificates that you have to achieve before applying for an ADN course are a high school diploma or a GED diploma.

Then you have to register for the course at an accredited educational institution to increase your chances of getting a job. If needed, you can also apply for financial aid to cover the costs of education.

Be a diligent student and attend all the classes. At the end of the course, the only step left is to pass the NCLEX exam. This will help you to become a licensed nurse and be eligible to apply for a job.