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I like to help people, whether they are my emergency patients, younger students who need help with their essays, or future doctors of nursing practice who need support with their research. Briefly, I am a family nurse practitioner working in the emergency department and a professional writer. I have been successful in writing and helping others with it for over a decade. Over the years, I have taken several specialized courses, and my experience in publishing articles greatly helped me.
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I knew about Nursingpaper from a colleague who, after reviewing my publications, advised me to monetize my talent by fulfilling my needs of helping students. It was a great decision, and I continue to be inspired by the opportunities that Nursingpaper provides me and my customers. I will not hide that my work here contributes to my constant development because cooperating with students gives me great discipline and motivates me to expand my knowledge base. This is especially important because the Doctor of Nursing Practice level I recently completed requires me to be constantly aware of the best solutions in evidence-based practice and current local healthcare problems. Emergency medicine requires multi-profile knowledge from various healthcare areas, so I can be helpful for you with both hospital and emergency procedures, as well as cardiac and trauma support.

Regarding writing assistance, my main profile now is large projects like DNP or MSN research and everything related, e.g., help with topics, literature reviews, separate chapters, etc. I was a student, too, and I know how many problems nursing studies can cause due to lack of time. Especially if you need to combine it with practice in the emergency department. So, I perfectly realize all the issues of modern students and always do my best not to let them get stuck at any stage of their dissertation, thesis, capstone, or coursework. Nevertheless, I don't refuse 'simpler' orders like essays, case studies, or assignments. I relax when working on such papers, and sincere customer gratitude motivates me even more.
Top 5 subjects
Hospital and Emergency Procedures
Emergency Management and Crisis Preparedness
Advanced Critical Care
Advanced Cardiac Support
Cultural Competence and Health Equity
Top 5 types of paper
Nursing thesis/dissertation
Capstone project
Nursing coursework
Research paper
Literature review
Customer reviews
Average review rate - 9.8/10
Review #299679
THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the work done, dozens of sleepless nights, and, most importantly, the RESULT!!! Very, very professional writer
August 14, 2023
Capstone project
Review #300641
Got an A and many positive reviews. Thank you so much for your patience and that good paper
September 15, 2023
Research paper
Review #302520
Just wow, nothing more to add
November 19, 2023
Nursing coursework
Review #302985
I think I got the best writer possible. Her creativity turned a boring topic into a truly interesting work. The selected sources are beyond praise
December 14, 2023
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