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Comparative Report

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The primary focus of this paper is to compare the student report to the expert and identify the strengths and weaknesses therein. Regarding the strengths, my essay uses the existing literature to source quality information that matches that of the expert (Hart, 2018). For instance, the expert says that information could be valuable in ensuring that patients felt like they were in charge of their health. My report points out that engaging patients in decision making through effective communication can make them become co-producers of their health. Therefore, the expert uses personal experience to address a significant point, and my report can use literature review to source the same information. The use of literature to meet expert level is a strength for my essay.

A second strength is that the essay and the expert report both show a negative relationship between the quality of health services and ineffective teamwork in healthcare environments. This similarity is a strength for my essay because it means that I can source data from learning materials and sort the valuable information and eventually communicate a point similar to that of the expert (Berk, Harvey & Hirshleifer, 2017).

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Another strength of my essay is that it is detailed and well-cited compared to the expert report. Nicholas (2015) stresses the importance of citing facts or at least backing up information with literature as a way of increasing its trustworthiness and reliability. In my essay, I have quoted the source of information as a way of backing up my ideas. However, the expert does not cite any data or at least reference other scholar works. For this reason, I feel that the use of citations and references is a source of strength for my essay.

One of the weaknesses of my essay is that I am unable to connect ideas into a short and precise paragraph that communicates volume. The expert can link ideas and deliver a clear and succinct point on how failure in communication impacts the staff, patients, and the organization. Therefore, I have learned the skill of combining the fragmented ideas into a paragraph that takes the form of a thesis statement (Hamlitsch, 2015). In this way, it is easier to communicate understandably.

Another weakness of my essay is that it discusses the issues in question under different subheadings and lacks a paragraph to connect the ideas into a summative and conclusive statement (Crosthwaite, 2016). The expert essay states clearly the effects on all the affected stakeholders and areas under each significant point. I have borrowed this skill for my writing abilities.

Finally, my report does not apply the issue in writing to real life situation, and it does not give any direction for future studies, discussions or the way forward. The expert can apply the issues discussed in the actual workplace. This skill is necessary in scientific writing, e.g., for the case of healthcare-associated research (Gastel & Day, 2016).

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