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Discussion Question

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Definition Two areas of nursing practice that evidence-based practice has improved patient outcome are critical care nursing and medical-surgical nursing. In a study done in a Spanish hospital, it was found that evidence-based ca...

Emerging Drug and Alcohol Problem among Adolescents and Young Adults

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Pages · 9
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Abstract The Middle East has long been known to be a region with a low prevalence of drug problem. In the wake of globalization, however, the region has experienced a significant change in its sociocultural values thanks to the i...

Qualitative and Quantitative Research: A Critique

Words · 1828
Pages · 11
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Qualitative Critique Cameron, K. A., Cohen, E. R., Hertz, J. R., Wayne, D. B., Mitra, D., & Barsuk, J. H. (2018). Barriers and Facilitators to Central Venous Catheter Insertion: A Qualitative Study. Journal of patient safety....

Professional Nursing Biography

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Pages · 16
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Introduction Nursing profession globally is responding to the continuously changing needs, priorities, expectations, and developments in healthcare. Nurses are therefore expected to acquire knowledge as well as skills and behavio...