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Pharmacology PBL (Problem-Based) Report

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Response of Muscarinic Receptor Binding Assay Each of the plant extracts elicited dose-dependent contractions of the muscarinic receptors. The threshold of the responses of either of the leaf extracts was observed at a concentrat...

Bipolar Disorder

Words · 621
Pages · 3
Rating · 4.7/5
Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Bipolar 1 disorder is characterized by prolonged moments of deep and prolonged depression that keeps alternating between periods of irritable moods called mania (McCormick, Murray, & McNew, 20...


Words · 413
Pages · 2
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Q1 Which continuing education offering are you most interested in that are offered by the organization and why? NAPNAP offers a lot of continuing education courses which can be quite beneficial to me as a practitioner in practice...


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Pages · 3
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Please Provide 3 Differential Diagnoses, as Well as an Indication of Your Primary Diagnosis. 1) Pyelonephritis (primary): is a medical condition affecting the upper urinary tract and mainly characterized by an inflamed renal pelv...

Solution Description

Words · 1231
Pages · 6
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Proposed Solution The average lifespan of an individual today can be approximated to be between 78 and 81 years, a significant increase from what was being experienced in the years back (Copeland, 2014). The quality of life we no...

Literature Support

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Pages · 5
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Prescription Cascading Bushardt et al. (2008) describes polypharmacy as a highly misleading term to use in clinical evaluations of geriatric populations. From a pharmaceutical perspective, there exists a confusion regarding how m...

The Risk of Congenital Autism in Using Paracetamol During Pregnancy

Words · 3621
Pages · 14
Rating · 4.8/5
Introduction Paracetamol use is very popular with expectant women globally as a pain reliever (Brandlistuen et al., 2013). Also known as Acetaminophen it is readily available in many countries over the counter basis and has been ...

Parkinson Disease

Words · 1818
Pages · 7
Rating · 4.9/5
Parkinson disease is a condition that is progressive and leads to the loss of nerve cells in the brain. However, the main cause of PD is not known. Most of the explanations given of symptoms of people suffering from PD are by cel...

Easy Writing of a Pharmacology Essay With Our Examples

Pharmacology plays a significant role in nursing education. It teaches nurses how medications work, how to give them, and what side effects they may cause. Nurses must know how to safely and effectively care for patients receiving medications.

Making a diagnosis and prescribing medication are the doctor’s direct responsibility. However, nurses also need knowledge of pharmacology in their practice. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • To correctly calculate the medicine’s dose and its administration method.
  • To evaluate the risks and possible benefits of medications for patients.
  • To monitor the effectiveness and safety of medications.
  • To recognize and treat side effects.

This is just one of the reasons why nurses need to study pharmacology. There are many nursing responsibilities in patient care where they apply this knowledge. That’s why you cannot overestimate the importance of pharmacology in nursing essay writing.

Features of the Essay About Pharmacology

The pharmacology in your studies can be presented with two categories – pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. The first focuses on the body’s perception of the drug: absorption, metabolism, distribution & excretion. Pharmacodynamics, in turn, explores how a drug affects the body. You may need to write a paper on both of these subjects. This could be an essay, assignment, research paper, or case study. To make it simple, let’s call all papers essays.

What’s special about a pharmacology essay?

Look at examples in our sample database to define features. They have a clear structure and are very reasoned. The essay may discuss a patient’s care, the impact on nursing practice, recent findings, or an analysis of specific cases. The focus on medicinal aspects is a distinctive feature of each paper.

How to Work With Examples of Pharmacology Essay

Working with a pharmacology essay sample is easy. All of the examples are pre-sorted according to a key feature – pharmacology. Under each heading, you see a snippet of text and the topics the article also covers. Scroll to a topic related or similar to yours and view the full sample. You need to take from the example its structure, the way of presenting information, the list of literature, and design.

Our experts wrote papers for nursing course students, and now you see them as pharmacology essay samples in our database. You can’t copy them for reasons. Most importantly, uniqueness in your studies and nursing practice is crucial. Instead of risking having trouble with plagiarism, focus on adapting the selected example to your case. Use the example as a basis for your paper outline. And gradually add your unique and relevant content to the structure. Thus, with the help of a sample, you will cope with writing an essay easily on your own.

Feel Free to Ask For More Help Than Pharmacology Examples

You may not find the sample you are looking for. Our database of pharmacology examples can only cover some topics. There are two solutions. The first one is to seek in related categories. You can also try to search using associated keywords, topics, or subjects. There are over 10,000 examples, among which you may find something inspirational.

The second option is to ask our experts for help individually. They may assist you at any stage of your work, from sources search to writing from scratch. It’s a great deal. Especially if you don’t have enough time to handle this task yourself. We will write your essay at the highest level, even with the tightest deadline.

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