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Accountable Care Organizations for Nurse Leaders

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Introduction Accountable care organization (ACO) according to Pollock and Roderick (2018) is a group of specific care providers with who offer special services to a particular patient population and make accountability assessment...

Accountable Care Organizations

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Introduction Physicians influence the decisions in the healthcare system. As a result, it is imperative for the healthcare system to integrate physicians into the strategic planning process to ensure that goals are achieved. The ...

Health Science and Nursing Discussion

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Introduction Over the years, many health-care organizations have been facing a major challenge in regards to the performance of quality healthcare services of nurses and health care patient’s outcomes. According to Anderson, (2...

Experience with Accountable Care Organizations

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Pages · 10
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Introduction Health care systems across the world are mandated to improve population health, promote patient experience and enhance cost efficiency to guarantee sustainability of care. However, a number of issues in the contempor...