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Ebola Virus Outbreak

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The World Health Organization defines Communicable diseases as illnesses that are spread from one person to the other through bacteria, virus, parasites and or fungi organisms (WHO, 2017). The research herein shall focus on the E...

Diseases in Pediatrics

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Introduction The manifestation of rashes, red macula, palmer redness, and fever may point at either allergy, infection or a metabolic disorder. The differential diagnoses in this case include primary irritative diaper dermatitis,...

Tuberculosis Discussion

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Discussion One There are occupational risks associated with the diagnosis and testing of tuberculosis in hospitals especially if health practitioners do not carefully follow the instructions on using tuberculin, a Tuberculosis (T...

Ebola Virus Diseases as a Global Health Issue

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Introduction Ebola virus disease abbreviated as EVD is a fatal and very severe disease. It was in the first place discovered in the African DR Congo in 1976. Ebola originates from animals and it is spread to people by interaction...

Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign

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Introduction According to research conducted by the Joint United Nation program and world health organization on communicable diseases in 1999, it was estimated that 35 million individuals live with HIV/AIDS in the world. In the ...

Community Needs and Health Screening Initiative

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Health Model Health brief model is the most employed model in health promotion as well as health education. The theory was developed in 1950 with the aim of explaining the main reason for offering medical screening services that ...

Aquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

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Factors Increasing HIV Transmission From Mother to Infant Several factors lead to an increased risk in the transmission of HIV from the mother to the child. The transmission occurs during pregnancy, during the breastfeeding perio...


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Article 1: Global Epidemiology on Injecting Drug Use and HIV Among People Who Inject Drugs: A Systematic Review Objectives The HIV virus contributes a great deal to mortality in today’s world. The virus is transmitted from one ...