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Asthma Essay

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Introduction Airway diseases have gradually increased in the recent decade despite the therapeutic advance. More worrying is the fact that their prevalence is underestimated based on recent epidemiological surveys, which further ...

Respiratory Case Study

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Part 1 Patient Initials _65/C-F   Subjective Data A Caucasian female, (65 years old) was involved in a brutal motor vehicle accident about 10 weeks ago. She came to the hospital today complaining of respiratory symptoms such as ...

Asthma Disease

Words · 567
Pages · 3
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Introduction Asthma is a common respiratory disease that occurs when the air ways of a person are constricted, hence makes it hard for the affected party to breath.  The airways become narrow due to the contraction of the muscle...

Asthma in Adults: The Great Asthma Myth

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One Article, the Great Asthma Myth A third of those diagnosed DON’T have the condition; study finds records the error by physicians who diagnose patients with Asthma without the proper tests. The main argument of the author...

Children Health Issues Linked to the Environment

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Pages · 2
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Introduction Foremost, research shows that there are connections between the environment and health issues in a child.  Children are affected by the environment in a different way compared to adults. This is because the body of ...

Health Risks in Vulnerable Populations

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Introduction The community I will describe in this paper is from The South Bronx. Popularly known as the Southwest Bronx or simply South Bronx, it is in New York. The area extends through the Southern tip of the Borough North up ...

Chronic and Acute Asthma Exacerbation

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Introduction Breathing is an essential part of human life, with every individual making an average of two thousand five hundred strokes of breath in a day. However, asthma attacks compromise the ability of a person to breath norm...

Health Sciences and Medicine

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Biographical data, occupation, language and religion Luna K. is a 25-year-old lady who lives in Philadelphia and works as a clerk at one of the local banks. She admits to loving her job and hence feels that any deterrence to the ...