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Responses to Classmates

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Classmate’s Post 1 This topic is interesting to study and makes you realize how much women’s health has changed in America in the past 50+ years. It is hard to say how I would be if I lived in 1960 but I know that if I be...

Sexual and Reproductive Dimensions of Women’s Health

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Pages · 2
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Changes occur in the society to inform the legislations that govern the sexual and reproductive health of women. Activists have fought for modification of legislations in order to ensure that women get access to safe and quality ...

Planned Parenthood

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Pages · 8
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Introduction Planned Parenthood has been an instrumental pillar in reproductive health for over a century. Founded in 1916 as Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the organization has been central in birth control, abortion,...

Elder Interview

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Introduction The interview was as informative as it was interesting. While I was able to learn and appreciate cultural and religious thoughts on matters relating to the beliefs and reservations. From the interview, it was observe...

English for Academic Study

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Short Report The issue of legalization of abortion has led to divisions among professionals as well as affected individuals since people tend to approach the matter in a different approach. For instance, depending on the reason f...