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Short Report

The issue of legalization of abortion has led to divisions among professionals as well as affected individuals since people tend to approach the matter in a different approach. For instance, depending on the reason for procuring an abortion, a law allowing abortion can be protected. There is an anti-abortion report challenging law reform in Northern Ireland because there is a belief that 100,000 individuals are living today since 1967 Abortion Act did not succeed to be introduced. According to a campaign group, there is a pending proposal for a legalization bill. The proposed bill focuses on making abortions legal in case of fatal fetal abnormalities (McDonald, 2017).

Formal E-mail


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Subject: Re-introduction of Abortion Bill

Dear Sir/Madam

The issue of abortion is a controversial issue and has become a matter of interest to individuals working in the health profession. As part of the health experts, I wish to bring it to your attention that a campaign group is going to introduce an abortion bill, which will emphasize on legalizing abortion in cases where pregnancies result in fatal fetal abnormalities. Your contribution towards the introduction of the abortion bill will be highly appreciated.

Article Summary

According to an article written by McDonald (2017), Northern Ireland is considered to be still under a near-total ban on the issue of abortion. A report shared by anti-abortion campaigners in the province of Northern Ireland, argues that 100,000 individuals became born in the region since the 1967 Abortion Act did not see its extension to the province. The article posits that a bill seeking to legalize abortion in instances of fatal fetal abnormalities is going to be introduced by a former minister of justice in Northern Ireland (McDonald, 2017). According to the article, the debate around the issue of abortion falls in danger of becoming polarized by individuals who are only concerned with the unborn fetus rather than focusing on both the rights of the unborn, as well as those of women, who carry the pregnancies.

Evaluation of the Forms of Writing

Different forms of writing can be indicated to have varied strengths and weaknesses depending on the purpose for which the document is meant for, as well as the target audience. In this case, the use of e-mail will be the best alternative to inform the colleagues about the important news. The strength of using e-mail is that it will be in a position to communicate the news in an official manner since the news should be communicated officially to the health professionals in order to make the news be carried with a lot of importance by the health professionals. However, the use of e-mail will have weakness in that it will require a lot of information in order to verify the accuracy of the news since the news will be utilized for official use. Alternatively, the use of short report will have the strength of having short time to prepare and passing since no official language is required. The use of short report will have the weakness of brevity. On the other hand, the use of summary has the strength in that it will be informative to the audience, but has the weakness of brevity in offering information.

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1. McDonald, H. (2017). Anti-abortion report challenges law reform in Northern Ireland. The Guardian. Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jan/18/anti-abortion-report-law-reform-northern-ireland-pregnancy

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