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Stress, Weight and Health Management

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Introduction Being healthy is the ability to sustain energy acquired, distributed and utilized by the biological system. Health entails to a better body and mind performance which is necessary to effectively do the intended activ...


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Introduction Dementia is a progressive disorder that is psychological and mostly affects elderly population. The disorder has a tendency of leading to cognitive impairment and also impacts numerous areas of the victim’s life, m...

Scholarly Activity Summary

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Pages · 5
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Overview The intent of the scholarly activity summary was to participate in conducting of the clinical intervention studies. It was meant to address issues affecting the population, particularly various diseases which affect peop...

Breastfeeding Among Nurses in Florida: Epidemiological Assessment

Words · 430
Pages · 2
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Introduction Breastfeeding is regarded as one of the best measures to provide a healthy boost to infants and babies. It is recommended that all mothers, unless medically contraindicated, should breastfeed their newborns for at le...

Development in Childhood – Stages and Types

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Pages · 19
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Physical and Cognitive Development in Early Childhood Brain development At the initial stages of child development the brain increase from 70% to 90% of the total adult’s brain. Several areas develop during this stages of e...

Interventions to Tackle Diabetes in Indigenous Canadians

Words · 2235
Pages · 10
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Introduction The indigenous populations in the northern parts of Canada have gone through drastic dietary and lifestyle changes in half a decade that have intensified the cases of obesity and type-2 diabetes (Toth et al. 2016). T...

Malnutrition and Parkinson’s Disease

Words · 671
Pages · 3
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Introduction Malnutrition is a condition that results from inadequate protein, calories, and other nutrients that are needed for maintenance and repair of body tissues. The frequency of protein undernutrition among people with Pa...

Community Disease Portfolio

Words · 1961
Pages · 7
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Pathophysiology of Obesity A study by Bullon, Newman, & Battino (2014) outline the dangers, as well as the causes of obesity, which is increasingly becoming a problem in many health settings. Obesity in Vermillion County area...