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Q 1 Medicare is health insurance program for people who are (or older than) 65 years, younger people with disabilities and people with the late-stage renal condition. Therefore, the different parts of Medicare help cover specific...

Five Wishes and Specialty Care

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Part 1 Introduction A human being is not capable of holding everything existing in life with their own hands. The five wishes document provides ways for taking control of important things. For taking control of personal health wh...

Life Course Approaches to Health; The Reasons Why People Take Drugs

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Introduction Human beings across the globe use drugs for various reasons. According to Shaharam (2017), several factors including family background, psychological factors, genetic endowment, and social norms may increase a person...

Critical Thinking Case Study

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Introduction The condition affecting the 65-year old woman is Cushing syndrome due to the usage of prednisone that is one of the glucocorticoid drugs. Consumption of the corticosteroid drug affect the adrenal glands that are part...

Use of BCMA

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Introduction The use of BCMA is becoming increasingly prevalent due to the perceived benefits that it offers to both the patients as well as the medical pesonel. For the staff, it helps to reduce adverse drug events resulting fro...

Case Scenario

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Part 1 Case scenario: Answer to Questions Mia is a 35year old female who is complaining of severe headaches. She is “borrowing” her sister’s migraine medication and she reports that “it works.” She is breastfeeding ...

Antimicrobial Agents

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Introduction Antimicrobial agents are considered as a component that is used for the patients in order to kill the growth of bacteria along with fungi and protozoa. The use of the antimicrobial drug is divided and used accordingl...

Pathophysiology and Pharmacological Management of Parkinson’s Disease

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Introduction Parkinson’s disease is caused by the gradual loss of cells in the substantia nigra region of the brain. This is the region that produces dopamine, the chemical messenger that transmits signals between the two regio...