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Etiology and Evidence Base Treatment Approach Utilized For Bipolar Disorder

Words · 3475
Pages · 13
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Introduction The aim of this study is to assess the diagnosis and treatment of approaches to particular mood disorders, bipolar disorder with the overall objective of learning about the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder...

Research Question: Data-To-Wisdom Continuum Analysis

Words · 1229
Pages · 6
Rating · 4.7/5
Introduction The purpose of this paper is developing and discussing a research question in an aim of incorporating the data-to wisdom continuum inti the practice of professional nurse. In 2014, the American Nursing Association ar...

The Transition From Learning to Clinical Practice in Nursing

Words · 546
Pages · 3
Rating · 4.7/5
Introduction One of the significant challenges in transitioning from learning to clinical practice is the fusion of the theoretical knowledge acquired in nursing school with clinical practice. This can affect patient care and saf...

Economics and Health Care

Words · 2556
Pages · 11
Rating · 4.9/5
Introduction In today’s world, economics plays a critical role in different areas of management in sectors of business. For example, in the healthcare, economics has over the years been used as an evaluating tool for various he...

Evidence Based Practice – Vital Tool for Nursing

Words · 337
Pages · 2
Rating · 4.9/5
Introduction It is essential to appreciate the fact that evidence-based practice is a vital tool for nursing due to the numerous advantages that it provides. One must be cognizant of the fact that EBP has been considered as a rev...

Shifting from Volume-based Environment to Value-based Markets

Words · 381
Pages · 2
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Introduction Complacency is a state of self-satisfaction, especially when accompanied by unawareness of impeding dangers or deficiencies. Whereas, evidence-based practice is where the decision made is supported by evidence from a...

Patient Satisfaction

Words · 1944
Pages · 7
Rating · 4.8/5
Chapter 1 Patient satisfaction is a very important aspect of healthcare. It is a key determinant of the overall quality of care provided in a hospital and is usually part of a hospital’s performance metric. Patient satisfaction...

Barriers to Applying Evidence Based Practice in Nursing

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Pages · 4
Rating · 4.7/5
The Context of Barriers to Applying Evidence Based Practice in Nursing Evidence-based practice is one fundamental standard for ensuring provision of quality, safe and compassionate healthcare to the public. In many healthcare fac...