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Problem Description Nurse incivility, violence and bullying have a significant impact on the overall performance of medical institutions and individual nurses.  The American Nurse Association (ANA) published a position paper tha...

An Analysis of Congestive Heart Failure as a Nursing Issue

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Overview of Selected Evidenced-Based Practice Project Evidence-based practice defines incorporating clinical proficiency with the preeminent external evidence from systematic study. In evidence-based practice, there is the incorp...

Nurse Staffing Ratios: Impact on Quality

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Patient Care in a Healthcare Setting Nurse staffing ratios have implications for the quality of care together with the outcome that patients experience whenever they are served in a healthcare organization. The trends in the heal...

Picot Question

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Population The research targets the women in the US military who apparently are likely to suffer from perinatal depression (PND). The population is it a high risk of developing depression as attributed to the nature of the work t...

Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

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Research Question in PICOT Format In diabetic patients, what is the effectiveness of exercise and dietary glycemic control in preventing diabetes-associated complications as compared to the use of anti-hyperglycemic therapy? Popu...