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Research Analysis

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Pages · 6
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This paper analyses Lucas, Morley, Cole, Lister and Leeson-Payne`s article “Breast milk and subsequent intelligence quotient in children born preterm” published in The Lancet in 1992. Purpose In this study, Lucas, Mor...

Development in Childhood – Stages and Types

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Pages · 19
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Physical and Cognitive Development in Early Childhood Brain development At the initial stages of child development the brain increase from 70% to 90% of the total adult’s brain. Several areas develop during this stages of e...

Diseases in Pediatrics

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Pages · 2
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Introduction The manifestation of rashes, red macula, palmer redness, and fever may point at either allergy, infection or a metabolic disorder. The differential diagnoses in this case include primary irritative diaper dermatitis,...

Article Appraisal Synopsis

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Pages · 5
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Abstract The article titled “Families With Special Needs Children” by Caicedo (2014) primarily seeks to investigate the health functioning and care burden of families with special needs children. According to the authors, of ...

The Need to Understand Growth and Development in Pediatrics

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Pages · 2
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Introduction The first few years of life are of great influence on how a child will live their lives later on in life. It is, therefore, imperative that parents and pediatricians understand the development process within this per...

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDS)

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Pages · 3
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Part A Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) refers to a group health complications that affect children who their mothers drank alcohol during pregnancy (Salmon, 2016). This condition was first analyzed and published in the U...

Insights and New Perspectives from Colleague’s Posting

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Pages · 2
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Introduction The paper has shared some compelling reasons as to why the developing world continues witness deaths of children from vaccine-preventable diseases despite the massive resources that are dedicated to immunization prog...

Developmental Assessment

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Pages · 2
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Introduction In the first year of life, from day 0, the infants grow and develop at a higher rate. Growth and development continue in their childhood and adolescence. In all the developmental stages, there are developmental miles...