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Ebola Virus Outbreak

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The World Health Organization defines Communicable diseases as illnesses that are spread from one person to the other through bacteria, virus, parasites and or fungi organisms (WHO, 2017). The research herein shall focus on the E...

Types of Descriptive Epidemiology

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Introduction There are three types of descriptive epidemiologic studies; case reports, case series and surveys. Case report descriptive studies are those that covering individual animals or people. The number of cases is very sma...

Tuberculosis Discussion

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Discussion One There are occupational risks associated with the diagnosis and testing of tuberculosis in hospitals especially if health practitioners do not carefully follow the instructions on using tuberculin, a Tuberculosis (T...

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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Definition Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is the unexpected death of an infant that is less than 1 year old and usually whose cause of death is not obvious before it is investigated (CDC, 2017). Epidemiology (Age Groups) ...

Cholera Outbreak

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Introduction Cholera is an acute and life-threatening infection caused by ingestion of bacterium vibrio Cholerae present in contaminated foods or drinks. In 2010, the Haitian Ministry of public health was notified of a sudden inc...

Outbreak Investigation

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Introduction An outbreak is considered to be present when there is a sudden rise in cases of occurrence of a given disease among a group of people at a particular place and time or even a larger geographical area that has severe ...

Ebola Virus Diseases as a Global Health Issue

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Introduction Ebola virus disease abbreviated as EVD is a fatal and very severe disease. It was in the first place discovered in the African DR Congo in 1976. Ebola originates from animals and it is spread to people by interaction...


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Article 1: Global Epidemiology on Injecting Drug Use and HIV Among People Who Inject Drugs: A Systematic Review Objectives The HIV virus contributes a great deal to mortality in today’s world. The virus is transmitted from one ...