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Tuberculosis Discussion

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Discussion One There are occupational risks associated with the diagnosis and testing of tuberculosis in hospitals especially if health practitioners do not carefully follow the instructions on using tuberculin, a Tuberculosis (T...


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As a communicable disease, the correct definition of tuberculosis also commonly known as TB is a contagious infection known primarily to attack the lungs but can also spread to other body parts including the spinal cord and the b...

Control of Infectious Disease

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Introduction Infectious diseases are a major threat to most countries, specifically the developing countries such as India (J, 2011). Over the past few years, these diseases have been difficult to control in these countries due t...

Epidemiology (HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Hepatitis B)

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Introduction The healthy people 2020 initiative strives to provide a sustainable long-term health for the citizens of the nation by trying to enhance the health of every individual in the country by the year 2020 through differen...