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Discussion Board Post: Adult Health Nursing

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Question 1: Article Related to TB Management

Study Title, Purpose, Setting, Sample and Size

I selected a journal article authored by Giovanni Migliori and Giovanni Sotgiu. The article titled “Assessing tuberculosis management: what really happens to patients?” was published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal in 2015. The researchers sought to investigate the quality of TB management care provided to patients by healthcare practitioners in Delhi, India. The study was conducted in an urban setting and the sample incorporated trained standardized patients who were treated alongside genuinely ill patients. The sample size comprised seventeen trained standardized patients.

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Relationship to Unit IV Concepts

The chosen study is quite relevant to Unit IV. The article gives more insight about tuberculosis as one of the acute complications of pulmonary disorders mentioned in the Unit. Specifically, the article discusses the menace of multidrug-resistant (MDR) tuberculosis. Additionally, one objective of Unit IV is to find help nurses implement appropriate measures to promote wellness in clients. The identified article highlights the best TB management health care provisions such as the International Standards for Tuberculosis Care (ISTC) and alternative medicine.

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Interesting Finding

One finding that I found quite interesting was that even conventionally trained Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) practitioners frequently did not send patients for appropriate tuberculosis screening tests, despite hearing a typical history from the patient (Migliori & Sotgiu, 2015). This is a worrying observation because a trained medical practitioner should not show such negligence for such a critical health condition.

Limits of Generalizability

A sample size of seventeen was quite small. As well, the study was conducted in an urban setting and concentrated on studying health care provision prospects in the private sector. Given these limitations, the results cannot be generalized to other settings such as rural areas or the public sector.

Question 2: Literature Review

Two Best Practices for Developing Learning Objectives

Among the practices that can be employed to develop group-learning objectives are the think-pair-share and the jigsaw approach (Brame & Biel, 2015). In the think-pair-share approach, learners respond to the discussion question independently and then discuss their responses with peers. This enables them to evaluate each other’s point of view and make amendments depending on weaknesses and strengths identified after reviewing each other’s responses. The jigsaw approach, on the other hand, entails tasking each group to concentrate on a given topic. The class then rearranges, forming new groups that have one member from each team. The members of the new groups then take turns to explain to their new group members the topic they had been assigned to concentrate on in their previous group.

Two Best Practices for Evaluating Group Learning Objectives

Among the most plausible approaches used to evaluate group learning objectives are average grades of group members and the assessment of individual grade improvement. The grade average approach involves assessing the mean performance of group members. Where the group members’ performance is similar (comparable grades), then the group learning is a success which can be attributed to positive group learning prospects. The individual grade improvement approach, on the other hand, involves assessing a student’s individual improvement. If a student’s performance improves significantly after being subjected to group work, then there is a high likelihood that this outcome emanated from the benefits of group learning.

Question 3

Clinical background

I am a home health nurse and I major in giving specialized care to patients in their homes. This involves interacting with many patients, usually elderly patients who are home-bound. These can be patients with a need for teaching, wound care, IV administration, Foley cath care and changes, g-tube care, labs among others.

The relevance of Secondary Data

Examples of secondary data that can greatly aid my home health care provision prospects include information describing how home health care can be employed to enhance a patient’s wellbeing. Other types of secondary information include comparative data on the strengths and weaknesses of inpatient, outpatient, and home-based care (Blackburn, Locher & Kilgore, 2014). Such information would give a home-based health care provider beneficial information on how best to attend their patients.

Typical Clinical Research Question That Could Be Answered Using Secondary Data

A typical clinical research question in my field of care would be: What are the benefits of home-based care over inpatient and outpatient care?

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