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Hypertension Essay

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Introduction Nursing is an emerging sector, which is related with the well being of population. The skills, knowledge, and experience in nursing field are the prime aspects that help in managing the overall care procedures for th...

Helping Patients Survive Sepsis

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Pathology of the Disease System inflammation response syndrome (SIRS) is the primary stage in the underlying progression of sepsis caused by burn injury, myocardial infarction, trauma or surgery which leads to organ failure. SIRS...

Asthma Essay

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Pages · 6
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Introduction Airway diseases have gradually increased in the recent decade despite the therapeutic advance. More worrying is the fact that their prevalence is underestimated based on recent epidemiological surveys, which further ...

Pros and Cons of Pediatric Sedation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Abstract The purpose of the present review is to analyze the advantages and the disadvantages of pediatric sedation in magnetic resonance imaging. The study also aims to elaborate more on how the increased demand for the use of M...

Advocacy Campaign Developing

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Chapter 1 Despite the numerous public health issues, the one addressed here is HIV/AIDS with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) being the virus that leads to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Known to have started in the...

Critical Analysis of Fitness Product

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Scientific Claims as Backed by Research The advertisement is about ‘Powerfit,’ a fitness product that helps burn calories and fat in the human body. Powerfit is a vibration exercise machine that helps people attain fitness es...

Anabolic Steroid Abuse on Training and Performance

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Introduction The authors appear to have gained a specific motivation regarding new ways of curbing the use of doping substances among professional athletes. It has become a public concern that many adolescents in the field of ath...

Nursing Theories for Handling Pressure Ulcers Patient

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Part 1 One of the theories is Self-Care Theory. This theory states that healthcare management should be supported by wholeness of developed human structures and of bodily and mental functioning (Orem, Renpenning & Taylor, 200...