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Stress, Weight and Health Management

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Being healthy is the ability to sustain energy acquired, distributed and utilized by the biological system. Health entails to a better body and mind performance which is necessary to effectively do the intended activities. In order to be fully fit one need to have physical health, emotional health, and social health. These three aspects of health will facilitate the chances of good health and lifestyle. As I consider the good health I intend to optimize my health and increase my chances by practicing these three health aspects.

My physical health matters as it will entail my performances, therefore there should be fully comfortability in my body in order to attain this aspect. I will require practicing good nutrition. Good nutrition is essential to my body as it will lead to growth, function properly and live well. Good nutrition will include balancing my diet which is critical to good health. Good nutritional food will render my body with enough energy, protein, vitamins, minerals and essential fats for better functioning.

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In order to achieve the good nutrition diet, I will have to plan on the diet. The plan will include having to follow a plan of healthy eating. The plan will regard increasing of healthy food while decreasing consumption of non-healthy junky food. Healthy food includes food with fiber and low-calorie such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain and low-fat proteins. The plan will entail creating and managing how much of calorie, protein and fat intake per day (Diener, & Chan, 2011). I will also organize the diet which will be sustainable by focusing on frequency, scheduling and nutrient timing. The dietary choice will affect my health by increasing energy. Increasing my energy will entail the consumption of vitamins and minerals. Another effect will be the reduction of disease risks. To reduce being at a risk of getting diseases I will have to intake meals which are rich in fibers such as fruits especially apples which assist in digesting of fats and calories hence decreases diseases risks (Diener, & Chan, 2011). The dietary choice will also increase my lifespan as it will improve on my brain, hearts and other important organs function in my body.

Exercising will improve my health by ensuring blood circulation, weight control and improving my cholesterol level. Exercising will also aid in my mood improvement. Exercising will help in mental stimulation which will lead to relaxed moods and happy feelings. Starting an exercise program such as running, swimming or aerobics will facilitate to my health improvement.

Tobacco use can lead to bad health as it leaves one vulnerable to certain disorders which can lead to fatality. Tobacco consumption leads to breathing hardship as it destroys the lung and can also lead to lung cancer. I intend to stay healthy by completely avoiding tobacco and nicotine addiction which puts one in great danger of contracting deadly diseases.  I will consider my optimal health care by having regular checkups and keep up with my regular exercise. I will also learn to adapt to stress by practicing leisure activities to relinquish them.

Emotional health is another aspect required for better health. Emotional health is the ability to meet the demand of day to day life by being able to function in the society`s positive welfare. Emotional health can be affected by stress leading to poor health. Stress can lead to health disorders such as diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and high blood pressure. Stress interferes with the ability to live normally by creating irritable feelings and lack of concentration capacity. To work on my stress issues I will have to come up with the technique which will aid in eradicating them. Meditating will be one technique to manage stress as it enables to create an ability to let pass of the stressing thoughts. Meditation will make my mind bouncy to stress as it will modify the neural tract (Ong, 2010).  Another technique I will use to relieve stress is taking a moment and pay attention to my body. Taking a moment and examine how my body parts are feeling will help me identify the stressed areas. I will use laughing as another stress releasing technique by talking to people who will make me laugh or watching funny videos. Controlling my stress will entail boosting my happiness. Boosting my happiness will require having friends around me who I will be able to manage. Having memorable experiences will also keep me happy which may be by taking vacation and road trips.

Emotional health can also address the spiritual needs. Spiritual needs address giving the sense of meaning and hope. Spiritual needs help one to heal from painful experiences such as shame, rejections, guilt, and grief. In order to be emotionally healthy, I will need to work on my spiritual need. Developing my inner creativity, wisdom and having self-love will improve my spiritual needs. I will also learn to have the resources that will lead to my healing of guilt, self-rejection and other painful experience and intensify my self-esteem, hope, joy and also love. I will also ensure having love and integrity to provide responsible living which will be revolved by my priorities. Another aspect of facilitating my emotional health is my sleeping habits. I will have to improve my sleeping habits by creating enough time to sleep. Poor sleeping causes anxiety and depression and therefore needs to be addressed immediately. I will ensure having enough sleep as poor sleeping habits will impair my emotional health by not clearly thinking. Another way to avoid poor sleeping habit is by ensuring I have a clean and comfortable environment to avoid disrupted sleep. I will ensure using nonalcoholic substances or nicotine before sleep time as they can affect my sleeping habits.

The social aspect is another important key to optimize my health and increase good health in my old age. Social aspects aids in organizing relationship of members in the society. To improve on my social aspects I will have to be appreciative and thankful to the people around me by expressing gratitude. Expressing gratitude will build loyalty among the people around me and they will feel important and appreciated. I will ensure that I listen and understand the people around me by emphasizing with their emotional apprehensions. To improve my existing relationships, I will ensure total integrity to the people around me by living to my values. For the new relationship, I will ensure accepting the differences and similarities between us and be willing to change to something new. In order to achieve the social aspect, I will consider having a respectful approach to the people being with or creating a relationship with. I will ensure having quality time with the people around me so as to improve on the healthy social aspect. Another key consideration in social aspect is ensuring that I don’t take people around me for granted but learn to appreciate them (Simonton, 2000).

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Changes can be implemented based on these three aspects to contribute to better health. Having the right diets and having exercise routines will facilitate to the healthy physical body. Scheduling for the right time to practice these three aspects will entail to optimizing good health leading to a healthy old age. Creating a good relationship with people around creates the connection that leads to a strong relationship. This relationship can contribute to the healthy body as it plays a key role in both physical and emotional health aspect.

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