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The Johnson community health center is a healthcare facility situated in Johnson City, Tennessee. The college of nursing of East Tennessee State University is responsible for managing this facility. The organization offers many services which include health education, mental health counseling, chronic, acute and preventive care, routine gynecologic care, diagnostic testing, among others. The paper will focus on analyzing the organization’s mission, goals, strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities identify its competitors and whether it adopts a customer-focused orientation.


According to the Johnson City Community Health Center (2018), the organization’s mission is offering exceptional compassionate and quality care for all.

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Cooperate Level Goals

Any organization needs to set clear goals which govern its operations towards improving productivity. Johnson City Community Health Center has a core goal of meeting the patients’ health care needs. The second goal is to provide compassionate customer service, and this is achievable by building relationships with the patients and also determining their satisfaction. The third goal is ethics and compliance, and it strives to reinforce and promote ethical behavior and compliance with applicable regulations and rules. It has a goal of planning, supporting, sponsoring and implementing services, activities, and events contributing to the quality of life of the society that they serve. The last goal is employee engagement.

The Customers

The hospital’s primary patients are the uninsured and the underserved community members within Johnson City. Approximately 97.5% of the patients receiving services at the facility are below 200% federal poverty threshold. According to the federal poverty guidelines (2018), this means that one person’s household earns $23,340 per annum.

Organization’s Main Strengths and Weaknesses


Johnson City community health center has demonstrated different strengths. The first aspect is that it has nurse practitioners who are primary caregivers and this helps in promoting a holistic health approach to health care delivery. The second strategy is that it offers a variety of services which increase their chances of being successful. The facility gives the patient an opportunity of paying the least amount of money while also receiving quality health care. The center is located in a central location mak9ng it easily accessible to the patients.


Even though the facility holds promotional events, the activities are not significant enough in constituting an excellent promotional mix. For example, they irregularly use their Facebook page. The second weakness is the fact that the nurse practitioners lack hospital privileges like admitting and this can lower the patients’ recovery rates. The third elements arise from the high uninsured population since a majority of the patients have to pay from their pockets, and the government funds help in offsetting the cost.  The funds could be used in other beneficial activities like center expansion, marketing, and outreach.

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Organization’s Main Opportunities and Threats


The facility has many opportunities which can enhance its growth. First, it gets funding’s from Johnson City, and also other support being an affiliation of the college of nursing. The facility can be used in increasing patients’ health and offering better service. The facility can focus on establishing specialized gyms and yoga, which helps in eradicating lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The technological improvements such as the use of smartphones with exercise and nutrition apps will help the facility achieve its core goal of offering its patients quality healthcare.


There are various factors posing threats to the facility. The high rate of uninsured patients means that more funds from the grants focus on offsetting the uninsured patients’ costs. The healthcare providers need to be aware of the threats regarding types of exercise and diets. Some restaurants offer foods which can harm the patients’ gut health and patients engaging in high-intensity interval workouts which could generally affect their health.

Primary Competitors to the Organization

The organization faces competition from another community hospital within Johnson City such as Franklin Woods Community Hospital which has focused on embracing the use of technology in highly promoting its services.

Does JCCHC Have A Customer-Focused Orientation To Its Practices And Procedures?  Why or Why Not?

Johnson City Community Health Centre has a customer-focused orientation to its procedures and practices. This is evident from its core goal which focuses on offering quality healthcare services to all persons without discrimination. The facility has a well-trained nurse practitioner who focuses on meeting the customers’; expectations. The facility receives grants from the government, and it uses the funds to cater for the patients’ bills, unlike other organizations which could use the funds for individual gain. This means that it highly values its clients.

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