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Cancer, Genetics, and Genomics

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Pages · 2
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Introduction Confidentiality is imperative in ensuring trust between physicians and their patients and breaching a patient’s confidentiality could be legally binding. Therefore, to protect Kirsten from the risk of developing br...

Prophylactic Hysterectomy

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Pages · 2
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Introduction Prophylactic hysterectomy and mastectomy are gaining popularity among people presumed to be at risk of developing ovarian cancer or breast cancer respectively. However, according to Villella et al., (2006), it is not...

Lab Performance and the Value of Oncotype DX

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Pages · 5
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The Body Behind every research conducted or an article written there is there is always a message behind it or a problem to be addressed. Research work should, therefore, clearly define its problem and the methodology used to com...

Breast Cancer: Socio-Ecological Model

Words · 3326
Pages · 14
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Abstract The modern society is faced with numerous public health issues across diverse populations on a global scale. Assessment of public health issues using the Socio-ecological Model would significantly contribute to the formu...

Response to the Assigned Discussion Questions

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Pages · 3
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Association Between Breast Cancer and Alcohol Research design:  Chen et al. (2011) used the prospective observational approach of the study to evaluate the association between breast cancer and alcohol in the participants. They ...

Maternal, Infant and Adolescent Nutrition

Words · 1903
Pages · 7
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Introduction This paper seeks to create awareness on the importance of nutritional Complementary and Alternative Medicine to women, infants, and adolescents. To make it more comprehensive, the paper uses cancer as a sample diseas...