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Etiology and Evidence Base Treatment Approach Utilized For Bipolar Disorder

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Pages · 13
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Introduction The aim of this study is to assess the diagnosis and treatment of approaches to particular mood disorders, bipolar disorder with the overall objective of learning about the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder...

Community Disease Portfolio

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Pages · 7
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Pathophysiology of Obesity A study by Bullon, Newman, & Battino (2014) outline the dangers, as well as the causes of obesity, which is increasingly becoming a problem in many health settings. Obesity in Vermillion County area...

Challenges of Transition Care for the Elderly

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Pages · 6
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Introduction The transitioning of the elderly patients from one health facility to the other and from one department to the other exposes the elderly to risks of more adversities in their health. The elder people of 70 years and ...

Management of Type 2 Diabetes in Adults

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Pages · 2
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Parametric and Non-parametric Tests Parametric test is a form of a statistic test that best on already established parameters and values. In these tests, the researcher has already developed a probability across the population, a...

Teenage Pregnancy

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Pages · 2
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Intro Teenage pregnancy is one of the problems that have remained on the rise in the modern society. The issue of teenage pregnancy is a matter talked about across the world. Regarding this, several discussions on teenage pregnan...

Health Sciences and Medicine

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Pages · 2
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Introduction The research article, “Exposure of Nursing Staff to Radiation in the Operating Room: A Descriptive Study,” is a quantitative and descriptive study which was conducted by interviewing the nurses who worked for ove...

Apply a Life Course Theory to an Individual From the Video “56 Up”

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Pages · 9
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Introduction The doctrine of original by Thomas Hobbes informs human nature as espoused by Freud. At the core of his psychoanalytic theory lies, the notion that what drives human beings entails strong urges that are biological in...

Sampling Plan

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Introduction The research article uses the non-probability sampling plan. As such, the non-probability sampling plan obtains a majority of its control from the evident decision of the investigator. In the use of the non-probabili...