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Pulmonary Embolism

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Etiology Pulmonary embolism is the blockage of the main artery (pulmonary artery) supplying blood to the lungs. A pulmonary embolus usually develops as a result of thrombi which originates from the deep venous system of the lower...

Critical Thinking Case Study

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Introduction The condition affecting the 65-year old woman is Cushing syndrome due to the usage of prednisone that is one of the glucocorticoid drugs. Consumption of the corticosteroid drug affect the adrenal glands that are part...

Pathophysiology and Pharmacological Management of Parkinson’s Disease

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Introduction Parkinson’s disease is caused by the gradual loss of cells in the substantia nigra region of the brain. This is the region that produces dopamine, the chemical messenger that transmits signals between the two regio...

Bipolar Disorder

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Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Bipolar 1 disorder is characterized by prolonged moments of deep and prolonged depression that keeps alternating between periods of irritable moods called mania (McCormick, Murray, & McNew, 20...

Community Disease Portfolio

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Pathophysiology of Obesity A study by Bullon, Newman, & Battino (2014) outline the dangers, as well as the causes of obesity, which is increasingly becoming a problem in many health settings. Obesity in Vermillion County area...

Cerebrovascular Accidents: Background and Pathophysiology

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Background Cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) otherwise known as strokes, apoplexy, or brain attacks refer to the death or damage of parts of the brain resulting from the blockage of blood supply by blood clots (ischemic stroke) or ...

The Pathophysiology and Treatment of Sepsis

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Introduction Sepsis, according to consensus definition is the response that host has on a microbiological event that is induced by the presence of virus, fungi or bacteria in the bloodstream (Singer, Deutschman, & Seymour, 20...

Allergic Rhinitis

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Incidence and Prevalence Allergic rhinitis is the 6th most prevalent chronic disease condition in the United States of America. The condition affects approximately twenty percent of the American population, usually beginning befo...