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As a communicable disease, the correct definition of tuberculosis also commonly known as TB is a contagious infection known primarily to attack the lungs but can also spread to other body parts including the spinal cord and the b...

Root Cause Analysis and System Failure

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Introduction Root Cause Analysis is defined as a system used to solve a problem which starts by identifying the origin of the problem. Something is considered a cause if the problem does not reoccur when the factor is isolated. I...

Tetracycline Stain on Teeth

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Introduction Antibiotics are widely used for medicinal purposes to treat various health conditions. Tetracycline is one of the antibiotics used to treat ailments such as travelers’ diarrhea and acne. However, tetracycline is be...

Surgical Integrity

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Discuss Key Risks, Complications or Unique Concerns Related to the Care of the Patient On daily basis, the healthcare service providers are required to make decisions. These decisions have direct impacts on the health as well as ...

Acute Kidney Injury

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Introduction Acute Kidney injury is when the kidney stop working suddenly for over a sort period of time like for instance two days (Thomas et al., 2015). AKI is deadly and requires immediate intervention. As opposed to kidney fa...

Potential Community Health Interventions

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Introduction Diabetes is one of the health problems in the US which contribute to the increased morbidity and mortality among the adults, adolescents as well as the children. Reports show that every year, about 10 percent of the ...

Schizophrenia Disease

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Introduction There has been varying discussions over schizophrenia with most families describing the situation as helpless. The National Institute of Mental Health describes the schizophrenia as a chronic mental condition that se...

MEDCOM History

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History The U.S Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) is a unit managed by the Army Surgeon General, and it is responsible for the management and the provision of medical treatment facilities to the United States Army. The paper enables ...