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Professionalism in Nursing

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Chapter 1 Among the various professions and disciplines, professionalism is of the utmost importance, and especially in nursing. By definition of professionalism, nursing has been focused on professional values based on the human...

MEDCOM History

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History The U.S Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) is a unit managed by the Army Surgeon General, and it is responsible for the management and the provision of medical treatment facilities to the United States Army. The paper enables ...

Assessment Techniques in Nursing

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Introduction Assessment skills come in handy when dealing and interacting with patients. These skills aid in creating a rapport with the patients that increases the level of trust and understanding with the patients. This is impo...

Catheter Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)

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Introduction Catheter-associated Urinary tract Infection (CAUTI) is one of the most common hospital-acquired infections. CAUTI is defined as an infection that affects the urinary tract as a result of the urinary catheter; a tube ...

Implementation of a New Electronic Health Record System

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The Role of a Nurse Facilitator in Addressing Resistance to Implementation of a new Electronic Health Record System Implementation of change within an organization is a great challenge. The reason behind this is that most people ...

Healthcare and Smartphone Use

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Introduction The advancement of technology in the health sector has engendered important strides in the provision of health care services. The service delivery in the health care sector is a focal point requiring the inculcation ...

Nurse Recruitment and Retention Rates in NICU

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Introduction It is evident that that the neonatal intensive care unit requires effective strategies for increasing retention rates of nurses. The neonatal intensive care unit at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has been exp...

Filing and Dealing with Patient Complaints

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Introduction The advent of managed care saw the healthcare industry become consumer-oriented. Much focus is now being directed towards the patient than ever before. Similar to professionals in other businesses from various sector...