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Mayo Clinic

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Introduction Mayo Clinic is a non-profit healthcare organization in the US found in 1982 by William Worrall Mayo. The organization focuses mainly on delivering quality healthcare that promotes positive patient outcomes. It has a ...

Critique of Systematic Research Review

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Introduction The systematic review evaluates the occurrence of high burnout levels among nurses, and the contributing factors to this problem. Due to the unique nature of nurses’ working environment, they are exposed to higher ...

Health Services and Medicine

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Part One Throughout this course, I have taken up very valuable lessons with regard to both the nursing practice as well as the research process. This has come from the many different assignment and activities that I have been doi...

Health Sciences and Medicine

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Introduction The research article, “Exposure of Nursing Staff to Radiation in the Operating Room: A Descriptive Study,” is a quantitative and descriptive study which was conducted by interviewing the nurses who worked for ove...

Case of Medical Negligence and Malpractice

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Introduction The medical issue facing the hospital is that of medical malpractice, specifically negligence. Apparently, Yolanda Pinellas has suffered loss and function of her third, fourth, and fifth fingers, as well as damage to...

The Use of Qualitative Study About Exposure of Nursing Staff to Radiation in the Operating Room

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Introduction A qualitative study is a method that examines different selected samples to understand a particular phenomenon. Even though the study comprises of distinct methods, its aim depends on the disciplinary background (Mor...

Study Design

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Overview The investigation will employ a prospective audit. It will involve a population of nurses and their leaders so as to elicit their opinions on how the satisfaction and commitment levels of nurses depend on the kind of sty...

Professionalism in Nursing

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Chapter 1 Among the various professions and disciplines, professionalism is of the utmost importance, and especially in nursing. By definition of professionalism, nursing has been focused on professional values based on the human...