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Radiology Nurses Related Problem

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Introduction Most nursing staff in medical facilities are exposed to radiations in the operating rooms, this, in turn, exposes them to risks associated with the radiation. However, in most hospitals or healthcare centers, the nur...

Improving Teamwork

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Introduction Nurses are quite vital in health care provision. With instructions from physicians, nurses help in managing, educating and providing care to patients in medical facilities. They also ensure that the patients are in g...

Veteran’s Affairs Hospital Virginia

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Introduction The veteran affairs Virginia hospital is the Under-secretary of veteran affairs for health. It cooperates with the administration to make sure that all the medical assistance programs are implemented. These programs ...

Authentic Leadership and Appreciative Inquiry

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Discover My organization is the nursing organization of which I am a member. My nursing organization has been in place for 15 years now and it is an organization of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses within our city/...

Population Health and Vulnerable Populations’ Access to care/Nurses’ Role in ACOss

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Chapter 1 Advocacy is an act which ensures that vulnerable people in the society are able to voice out their issues, defend or safeguard their rights and their views/ opinions are always in consideration during the decision makin...

Executive Summary of Organizational Diversity

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Background The health facility is located in a major Midwestern city and serves most parts of the city and beyond. The health facility has a bed capacity of 1,200. The strategic plan of the health facility includes the goals of p...

Infection Control

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Executive Summary Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) is one of the most common causes of infections in hospitals in Hong Kong. Foley Catheter is commonly used invasive device and is widely associated with urinar...

Healthcare Facility Design: Impact On Patients And Employees

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Introduction In recent years, health care facilities have given attention to their architectural design, including their equipment and technology, and how it affects the safety of patients and employees. Healthcare facilities are...