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Patient Safety

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Introduction As a Nurse Practitioner, one of the fundamental duties is to understand the system of health care to ensure efficient and safe service delivery. In my practice, I strive to meet the highest standard of patient safety...

Infection Control and Preventions

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The National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) program was established by The Joint Commission to give licensed health institutions guidance regarding particular areas of concern in patient safety. The NPSGs goal number seven is to mi...

Frameworks in Bridging the Gap between Nurses’ Training and Clinical Practice

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Pages · 4
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Introduction A theory is a set of related concepts or variables that are organised into hypotheses to define the association between the constructs (Connelly, 2014). Frameworks define the type of connection between variables for ...

Root Cause Analysis and System Failure

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Pages · 3
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Introduction Root Cause Analysis is defined as a system used to solve a problem which starts by identifying the origin of the problem. Something is considered a cause if the problem does not reoccur when the factor is isolated. I...

Microsystem Assessment

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Introduction I currently practice as a pediatric nurse educator dealing with pediatric inpatients in the critical care unit. My work as a pediatric nurse educator involves teaching student nurses about patient care. This involves...

Ethics and Patient Safety

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The Ethical Implications of Inadequate Staffing in a Healthcare Organization In most countries, including the US, persistent nursing shortage is a common challenge that affects the beliefs and values of the professionals. For man...

Peer Eval 2: Theory

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Response to Question One The application of King’s Theory of Goal Attainment can contribute to the quality of patients’ care, safety and other outcomes in practice due to the theory’s widespread applicability in the public ...

Roper-Logan-Tierney Model

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Pages · 8
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Introduction The Roper Logan and Tierney model of nursing is an ideal of nursing upkeep founded upon activities of living. This particular model is christened after its authors; Winifred Logan, Nancy Roper and Alison Tierney (Tim...