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Microsystem Assessment

Words · 1642
Pages · 7
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Introduction I currently practice as a pediatric nurse educator dealing with pediatric inpatients in the critical care unit. My work as a pediatric nurse educator involves teaching student nurses about patient care. This involves...

Healthcare Staffing

Words · 946
Pages · 4
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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to propose a new nursing care model to replace the current total-patient-care model (TPC). In the past, the organization has been using the TPC approach. However, this model appears to be...

Requirements for High Reliability

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Pages · 3
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Part 1 Reliability is a useful feature of health care organizations to enable them embrace a culture of patient safety that will see the patients through a high-quality care process. Organizations achieve a high reliability statu...

National Patient Safety Goals

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Pages · 3
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Goal 3: Medication safety Medication is a critical aspect of patient care that influences the efficacy of the treatment thus the cumulative effectiveness of the healthcare system in the country. Health facilities must uphold high...

Patient Safety

Words · 351
Pages · 2
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Introduction As a Nurse Practitioner, one of the fundamental duties is to understand the system of health care to ensure efficient and safe service delivery. In my practice, I strive to meet the highest standard of patient safety...