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Pertussis Essay

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Pages · 4
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Introduction This is an incredibly infectious upper respiratory tract infection caused by Bordetella pertussis bacteria that adhere to the cilia. These bacteria injure the cilia and discharge contagions that induce swelling and i...

Population-Focused Determinants of Health

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Pages · 3
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Introduction Effective health outcomes on the larger population can best be realized if various social determinates are promptly acted upon in order to minimize as much as possible the inequities and inequalities of health. One s...

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

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Pages · 4
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Part One: How Health Insurance and Lack of It Impacts Health Outcomes in Relation To FASD There is a big difference in terms of health outcomes between FASD patients who are insured and those who are not. Those with medical insur...

Public Health Determinants

Words · 1662
Pages · 7
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Introduction “Population health refers to the health results of individuals which also includes the distribution of such outcomes within the group of people” (Gostin, & Wiley, 2016 p. 34). The approach of human health is ...

Using Qualitative Research in a Clinical Setting

Words · 482
Pages · 2
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Introduction Qualitative research is quite common in clinical research. Kemparaj and Chavan (2013), describe qualitative research as the range of methodological approaches to research with a view of getting an in-depth understand...

Breast Cancer: Socio-Ecological Model

Words · 3326
Pages · 14
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Abstract The modern society is faced with numerous public health issues across diverse populations on a global scale. Assessment of public health issues using the Socio-ecological Model would significantly contribute to the formu...

Determinants of Health

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Pages · 3
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Introduction The health status of individuals and communities at any location is a factor of the combined effect of biological, environmental and sociological conditions. Bronfenbrenner (1979) Ecological System Theory (EST) descr...