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Angina Pectoris

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Question 1 Describe the path physiology (cause, progression and outcome) of Angina. Include in your answer risk factors for Angina and the treatment options for Angina. Demonstrate links to Jon’s case (i.e. What has been commen...

Hypertension Essay

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Pages · 22
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Introduction Nursing is an emerging sector, which is related with the well being of population. The skills, knowledge, and experience in nursing field are the prime aspects that help in managing the overall care procedures for th...

Inadequate Pain Management in Hospitalized Patients

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Pages · 5
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Introduction At a point in life, one is bound to experience some pain. The latter is classified as either acute or chronic. Acute pain constitutes those from illness and postoperative which often subsides as healing occurs. Chron...

Deep Vein Thrombosis and Chronic Venous Insufficiency

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Pages · 9
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Summary Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) in most of the cases goes hand in and with the varicose vein which cause pain and the swelling on the lower limb pain, below the popliteal fossa. The causative agent is a malfunctioning ...

Medication Adherence Activity: Gemfibrozil and Hyperlipidemia

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Introduction Gemfibrozil is an important lipid-regulating drug used in the treatment of hypertriglyceridemia in types IV and V of Hyperlipidemia. The treatment is through its addition to the diet of the patients who are vulnerabl...

Pelvic Pain-Endometriosis

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Pages · 2
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Introduction Chronic pelvic pain can be regarded as the pain that usually occurs below the belly button for a period of approximately six months and could be or not related to menstrual periods (Earbieri, Brubaker, and Eckler, 20...

Health Variations 2: Case Study

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Pages · 9
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Assessment Questions Part A Explain the 11 components of a valid routine subcutaneous insulin medication order and why this is important. Support your answer with academic or clinical guideline references. (5 marks) A valid routi...

Amy’s Story

The Body Illnesses and other health conditions have a significant impact not only on an individual but also on an individual’s family and significant others in the community. In a scenario whereby an individual has a life limit...