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Critical Analysis of Fitness Product

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Scientific Claims as Backed by Research

The advertisement is about ‘Powerfit,’ a fitness product that helps burn calories and fat in the human body. Powerfit is a vibration exercise machine that helps people attain fitness especially those that cannot run around blocks a few times every day. The advert states that the vibration exercise machine provides maximum acceleration and power for maximum results. It is a product that utilizes the newest oscillation technology to engage every muscle in the body. This helps lose weight faster and is safer compared to other vibration devices. Powerfit is fit for all people regardless of age and fitness levels as the product eases fatigue; increases blood circulation, and enhance the body’s energy level (Verschueren et al., 2004). Compared to when an individual is running, Powerfit reduces the burnt energy ten times faster. According to the advert, Powerfit causes 50 muscle contractions every second. Unlike other fitness programs, this vibration exercise machine requires just ten minutes for a specified period to attain fitness.

Powerfit engages all muscles at the same time and as it ensures vibrations to reach the deepest layers of the skin helping eradicate accumulated cellulite and fats. Ahlborg and colleagues in 2006 observed that whole-body vibration offers health and fitness benefits. A vibrating machine conveys energy to the human body, forcing the muscles to relax as well as contract many times per second. Proponents state that as little as 10-minutes daily of the whole-body vibration twice or thrice a week may lead to losing weight, burning fats, and enhancing flexibility. More so, it may result in a reduction in muscle discomfort subsequent to an exercise, improvement in the flow of blood, as well as a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol and build strength (Roelants, Delecluse & Verschueren, 2004). The literature further states that the whole-body vibration might help enhance muscle strength because when conducted in the right manner and under medical supervision, it decreases back pain, lessens bone loss, and augments balance in the elderly. This is, therefore, an indication that research backs the scientific claims made by the advertisement.

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Social/Psychological Issues

The advert stipulates that Powerfit decreases stress since it is used in the comfort of people’s homes. Users utilize the vibration exercise machine without sweating and thus require as less energy as possible. A critical evaluation of the claims, therefore, reveals that whole-body vibration has positive effects on the manufacture of neurotransmitters and hormones. The massaging impact of the vibrations initiates a rise in Serotonin and Dopamine levels in the human body. According to the advert, this represents a decrease in levels of depression and stress; aspects of the humans’ psychological issues (Verschueren et al., 2004). The 10-minutes this advert projects as enough on a daily basis make patients feel good and relieved. A routine of habitual daily whole-body vibration using this exercise machine continues producing a rise in such key hormones that are fundamental in reducing social and psychological disorders.

The advert also appeals that whole-body vibration counters mental lethargy and improves the entire mood while sharpening the capability to concentrate and focus. Research indicates that the vibration exercises produce serotonin that regulates a comprehensive range of biological as well as psychological functions to optimal health. Mostly, the people providing authentication within the advert have reported a rise in optimism after short sessions using the Powerfit equipment (Ahlborg, Andersson & Julin, 2006). This leads to the conclusion that while stimulating impacts of the machine will assist counteract numerous forms of depression, it further heavily enhances personal motivation. This solely provides a great difference in people’s social lives.

Promotion Techniques

The advertisement uses numerous sorts of techniques to convince buyers that this vibration exercise machine is the best compared to all related forms of exercise. For instance, buyers who order the products within a certain time frame receive some additional accessories for free including power bands, remote control, and the complete workout manual. The manual includes a healthy eating plan to enable users to understand the ways to control the diet while exercising (Ahlborg, Andersson & Julin, 2006). This is an advert that also uses testaments of people who have previously used the vibration exercise machine to convince prospective buyers that this is what is needed for weight loss and burning of excess body fats. The colors used are also eye-catching which makes the advertisement pleasant to watch.

Ahlborg, Andersson, and Julin (2006) considered color as one of the most fundamental aspects of a business advertising campaign. Consumers are likely to notice color prior to words and models advertising the product. This vibrating exercise machine advertisement also makes use of motion pictures to illustrate further what Powerfit does in reducing body mass and shading fats. The advertisement compares its product with the typical vibrating gym to show prospective buyers how effective and advanced Powerfit appears (Roelants, Delecluse & Verschueren, 2004). For instance, it is noted that the vibrating exercise machine is small and practical with wheels. This makes it portable, meaning people can move around with it compared to other machines that are heavy and cannot be carried around. It is also worth noting that the product is manufactured in eye-catching colors suitable for all people regardless of age and gender. All this are techniques of promotion to convince buyers to purchase Powerfit.

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