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Global Health Issue Policy Brief

Words · 1288
Pages · 6
Rating · 4.8/5
Introduction Obesity has become a critical public health issue that has registered global significance. Particularly, scholars have defined obesity as a global problem that has numerous adverse effects. Many scholars believe that...

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Children

Words · 1045
Pages · 4
Rating · 4.9/5
The Body Among the strategies that will help to minimize the risk of diabetes mellitus in children includes the aspect of bringing the family closer so as to become part of the social network interaction. The social aspect of the...

Apply a Life Course Theory to an Individual From the Video “56 Up”

Words · 2374
Pages · 9
Rating · 4.8/5
Introduction The doctrine of original by Thomas Hobbes informs human nature as espoused by Freud. At the core of his psychoanalytic theory lies, the notion that what drives human beings entails strong urges that are biological in...

The Risk of Congenital Autism in Using Paracetamol During Pregnancy

Words · 3621
Pages · 14
Rating · 4.8/5
Introduction Paracetamol use is very popular with expectant women globally as a pain reliever (Brandlistuen et al., 2013). Also known as Acetaminophen it is readily available in many countries over the counter basis and has been ...

Diabetes Awareness

Words · 349
Pages · 2
Rating · 4.6/5
Introduction Based on the logic model in health promotion, the plan developed for diabetes awareness logically follows a step-by-step and orderly flow of health promotion steps for the target population.  For example, the baseli...

Opioid Addiction in Ohio and the Increasing Healthcare Cost

Words · 3022
Pages · 11
Rating · 4.9/5
Introduction Overdose deaths have been on the rise in the United States, and Ohio is one of the places that have recorded a high increase. In 2017, Ohio was ranked the second in terms of high overdose deaths behind West Virginia....

Obesity in Northern Sydney

Words · 1371
Pages · 5
Rating · 4.9/5
Significance of Obesity The people of Northern Sydney have to change their perceptions and understanding of what normal weight standards are because a study shows that two out of three Australians are considered to be obese (Dani...

Calcium Intake at the National Level In Children and Adolescents

Words · 1566
Pages · 7
Rating · 4.8/5
Introduction The Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) claims that the usual intake of nutrients of Australians is characterized by deficiency in calcium. These statistics indicate that one in two males and one in four females mee...