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Scholarly Activity Summary

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The intent of the scholarly activity summary was to participate in conducting of the clinical intervention studies. It was meant to address issues affecting the population, particularly various diseases which affect people. The targeted population, in this case, are those people who are suffering from various conditions such as the genetic disorders, those suffering from malnutrition, and the population with inheritance disorders. The scholarly activity is of great significance to me as a nurse as it will give me an opportunity to understand various interventions and relationships between certain conditions and the effective ways of addressing them. As such, it will boost my confidence in the delivery of efficient healthcare to the affected population thus attaining the objectives of the organization and ensuring quality healthcare to the patients.

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There are various problems that the scholarly intends to address. They include the following:

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  • Understanding the chromosomal and cellular events that take place during gamete formation and the eukaryotic cell cycle.
  • The scholarly activity also shed light on the basic structures of DNA and RNA which comprise translation and replication which helps in understanding behavior of cells
  • Nonetheless, the scholarly activity helps in understanding better ways of analyzing complex models of inheritance.
  • Further, it helps in understanding the relationships of genetics as well as genomics in promoting health, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • The problem of malnutrition is yet another problem that needs to be addressed by the scholarly activity.
  • Finally, the scholarly activity intents to bridge the gap which exists between the concept of epidemiology and the human nutrition through integration.
  • Address the ethical issues that result in the application of genetics and genetic technologies in addressing issues affecting the population.

Currently, the activity is on the final week (week eight) and it deals with the ethical issues relating to the genomic and genetic information. This is a greater problem since it is a new concept in the healthcare setting which has been misused by the healthcare practitioners due to unethical practices which are encountered in the use of genetics and genomic technologies. Therefore, when the SNP participates in the scholarly activity, he/she will be able to get new skills which are related to the concepts of genetics and genomic technologies and can adhere wo the set standards. In so doing, it will help reduce lawsuits against them for infringing on the rights of some patients.


The main areas that are addressed by the scholarly activity include reducing the cost of lawsuits which are as a result of going against the ethical standards in using genetics and genomic technologies. As such, the cost will reduce since there will be no cases raised against the healthcare practitioners. Moreover, the problem of malnutrition which contributes to many conditions in the population will be addressed. The latter is because the relationship between nutrition and diseases are well understood hence a better intervention can put in place to facilitate appropriate nutrition among the patients. Furthermore, by being knowledgeable of the complexity of the inherited condition, it will help in coming up with interventions which can be useful in breaking these complexities. This is because the healthcare practitioner can help in minimizing the effects caused by the complex inheritance conditions.


The scholarly activity is meant to equip the DNP with the necessary skills and knowledge which ensures delivery of quality healthcare to the patients. The important GCU domains and competencies that were met during the scholarly activity include the critical thinking and effective communication which are all vital in ensuring better service delivery. Therefore, by taking part in this scholarly activity, it has transformed me in various ways which include the perspective on the latest technologies in the medical sector, how to simplify various health conditions and how to address various issues professionally (Oermann, 2017). Therefore, as a DNP, I can confidently work with other healthcare stakeholders in addressing issues relating to the well-being of the individuals and the quality healthcare outcomes among the patients.

Program Competencies Addressed

The main program competencies that were addressed in the scholarly activity include the following;

  • Description of the diseases, their prevalence as well as the general knowledge of the diseases.
  • Discussion of how laboratory tests can be undertaken.
  • The description of the chromosomal analysis and their changes.
  • Description of the different disorders affecting people in terms of how their origin and education of the patients.
  • Able to describe the gene mutation of various diseases and understanding if it is inherited or acquired.
  • Explain the influence of nutrition on various diseases.
  • Being able to explain various ways in which genetics can be used to impact the policy change
  • Being able to describe the significance of nutrition as it relates to the various diseases affecting the population.

In all these competencies, it gives an opportunity to address various issues affecting the population. Therefore, the scholarly activity was of great importance as a DNP.


1. Oermann, M. H. (2017). Teaching in nursing and role of the educator: The complete guide to best practice in teaching, evaluation, and curriculum development. Springer Publishing Company.

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