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Professional Development Plan

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It is important to select a program of study that conforms to personal and professional goals. Particularly, undertaking a critical analysis of both personal and professional goals is necessary for understanding the most appropriate program of study to pursue further education (Jasper, 2011). Over the years, I have explored various aspects of nursing and developed a greater sense of self-awareness regarding my specific interests. Currently, my most important professional goal is to gain proficiency in psychiatric nursing as this paper will highlight.

Education and Professional Background

My name is Osereme Agboifo, and I was born in Nigeria. I moved to the United States in 2011 with the purpose of enhancing my professional studies. In Nigeria, I had obtained an associated degree in nursing and graduated in 2007. I had also pursued a diploma in operating room nursing in my home country. After relocating to the United States, I immediately began my practice. I further obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the Grand Canyon University in May 2016. At the moment, I have enrolled in a course specializing in becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I have pursued other short professional courses to increase my competencies as a nurse practitioner. Particularly, I have a certificate in basic life support, advanced cardiac life support, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. These certifications have helped me to develop outstanding skills in handling various clinical situations (Boyd, 2008). I have gained diverse experience in the nursing field. Previously, I have practiced in the medical-surgical unit, acute rehabilitation, long-term care, as well as the Geropsychiatric Unit. Currently, I am practicing in the Geropsychiatric Unit. My experience in these fields has helped me to become an all-rounded professional in the provision of quality healthcare in various health care settings. I have been open to taking up new challenges by exploring new specialties and working in different healthcare settings.

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Professional Goals

Over the years, I have developed a critical understanding of my specific interests in the nursing field. My greatest focus has been to provide quality health care for different patients with the core objective of fostering positive patient outcomes (Elder, Evans, & Nizette, 2009). Currently, my main professional goal is to gain proficiency in psychiatric nursing. I am pursuing a course in psychiatric nursing with the core objective of becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner with remarkable competencies and abilities. I conceive that becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner will present me with an opportunity to register a positive impact on the lives of people. Based on my observation, there are limited numbers of competent psychiatric nurse practitioners (American Nurses Association. & National Nursing Staff Development Organization (U.S.), 2010). For this reason, I would like to gain significant competencies in this field and become an influential professional in helping psychiatric patients. Currently, patients with psychiatric illnesses lack quality health care because only a few nurses choose to specialize in this sector (Brunt, 2014). For this reason, pursuing my current course in psychiatric nursing will prepare me adequately in becoming a proficient psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Course Outcomes

At Walden University, students pursuing psychiatric nursing courses must complete a specific set of course units. I am currently familiar with all the course units that I have to undertake before the completion of my course. It has been challenging to balance my family responsibilities, my current area of practice, and to register remarkable performance in my studies (Jasper, 2011). However, I have made significant progress in my studies, and my greatest focus is to complete all the course units and undertake the required practicum. The current course units have presented me with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the needs exhibited by psychiatric patients (American Nurses Association. & National Nursing Staff Development Organization (U.S.), 2010). I have gained remarkable competencies in the assessment and diagnosis of different psychiatric conditions, and I can develop a plan of care for psychiatric patients. I conceive that I will continue to register positive outcomes and acquire new skills and competencies before I can graduate in 2023.


I have had the privilege of benefiting from experiential learning from previous practicums. Particularly, the practicum presents a significant opportunity for me to develop hands-on knowledge and skills that will help me in my daily practice. In Nigeria, I have served in various health units for my previous practicums. However, I am yet to begin my master’s practicum here in the United States. I am looking forward to the opportunity of working in the psychiatric nursing settings for my next practicum. I have the conviction that I will benefit immensely from the experience as I interact with different healthcare professionals. In the United States, preceptorship programs help nurses to benefit from their practicums, and to register positive outcomes in their future careers (American Nurses Association. & National Nursing Staff Development Organization (U.S.), 2010).


A critical analysis of my educational background and professional experience reveals that I am ready to specialize in psychiatric nursing. It is exciting for me to work towards the realization of my professional and personal goals. Despite the current challenges, I am determined to post positive results in my studies and to gain the required competencies that will make me a proficient psychiatric nurse practitioner. I am looking forward to my graduation in 2023 that will serve as a milestone in my nursing profession.

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