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Elder Interview

Words · 562
Pages · 2
Rating · 4.8/5
Introduction The interview was as informative as it was interesting. While I was able to learn and appreciate cultural and religious thoughts on matters relating to the beliefs and reservations. From the interview, it was observe...

Sex Drive

Words · 323
Pages · 2
Rating · 4.8/5
Intro It is important to appreciate the fact that there is a common belief that has cemented its roots into the minds of many regarding the sexual drives in men and women. It comes out as a stereotype belief that the sex drive in...

Personal Reflection Paper

Words · 600
Pages · 3
Rating · 4.8/5
Part 1: Sexual Shame and Repression Sexual shame is the concept of putting a negative stigma to anything that relates to sex.  It is premised on the idea that sex is a taboo topic that anybody who dares to talk about it is a ...

Teenage Pregnancy

Words · 313
Pages · 2
Rating · 4.6/5
Intro Teenage pregnancy is one of the problems that have remained on the rise in the modern society. The issue of teenage pregnancy is a matter talked about across the world. Regarding this, several discussions on teenage pregnan...