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Personal Reflection Paper

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Part 1: Sexual Shame and Repression

Sexual shame is the concept of putting a negative stigma to anything that relates to sex.  It is premised on the idea that sex is a taboo topic that anybody who dares to talk about it is a “loose” person.  Sexual repression is the act of censuring sex so that a person will not be able to express his or her sexuality.  Usually, guilt and shame are used to repress the sexuality of an individual.

I have experienced sexual shaming and repression several times although it is very subtle.  Sexual repression is common at our house because my parents would like to keep the discussion in the family “wholesome” so any questions that I may have about sex is not encouraged.  Although my parents do not necessarily scold me or make me feel guilty about sex, they also do not encourage me to talk about it.

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I also have experienced sexual shaming from society at large.  People tend to brand other people when they talk about sex or discuss something about it.  I can recall an incident where I expressed openness to talk about sex when I was met with judgmental eyes.  One even dared to ask me who my parents was and how I was raised implying that I was not taught properly on how to be discreet about the topic of sex.  One even lectured me that the topic of sex is only discussed by husband and wife and should be kept that way.  When I retorted that “do I have to get married to educate myself about sex?” I got a funny affirmative reply.

Part 2: Sex Positive Movement

The sex positive movement is a progressive movement that advocates and encourage people to educate themselves about sex.  The movement embraces the sexuality of a person and encourages people to know more about sex in a non-judgmental and non-repressive manner so that they would become more responsible individuals about sex.  The education they derive from sex will enable them to protect themselves from the risk associated with sex (i.e. unwanted pregnancy, contracting HIV and other diseases) and is able to enjoy it in a socially responsible manner.

After doing some cursory reading about sex positive movement, my beliefs are reinforced that talking and knowing more about sex is not necessarily bad.  The movement assures us that the feelings that we have as our body changes are all natural and discovering and knowing more about it does not necessarily mean that we are already a loose person.  Such, I feel safe about the movement especially if it is in an academic setting because it makes me feel safe talking about sex and sexuality without being judged upon.  The movement and its advocates encourages us to know more about sex and to accept that sexuality is part of our being.  I feel more comfortable about sex positive movement in an academic setting because of the involvement of responsible and trustworthy individuals who would not pass judgment on us when we want to know more about our sexuality.

Having known the sex positive movement, I now have an avenue and an assurance where I can freely educate myself about sex and not feel bad about it.  It now makes sexual shaming and sexual repression an obsolete idea that keeps people ignorant and irresponsible about sex.

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