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Inadequate Funds In Healthcare Organizations

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In Hospital, the emergency and accidents is one of the departments that is crucial in offering medical services to individuals with the essence of saving lives. The department is faced with several challenges of funds which make it hard to offer medical services to patients who urgently need them. In this context, healthcare issues resulting from inadequate funds have been articulated and possible solutions provided so as to change the scenario (Ginter, Swayne, & Duncan, 2018). The mission of the hospital is to save human lives, a vision to make sure that every patient receives all the available forms of treatment in regard to the illness and values such as personalized care for patients for quick recovery. Therefore, it is important that these changes are made to make the mission, vision and values of healthcare organizations possible. It is critical for both the hospital and the government to join hands so as to efficiently deal with the financial problems to ensure that patients receive the services they require so as to ensure that human life is not lost unnecessarily due to avoidable problems.

Financial challenges in emergency and accident department make the provision of healthcare services difficult. Ambulances that are used in ferrying the sick are few due to misappropriation of funds used to purchase the vehicles. Due to lack of transport, many people end up dying prematurely which could otherwise have been avoided if enough ambulances were available . Good health is crucial for every individual for proper body growth and development. When financial challenges are not solved, the situation of transporting patients in accident and emergency department worsens making it expensive to receive to healthcare (White, 2015). This challenge is experienced in every country in the world. It is imperative that funds that are meant to improve ambulances used inaccident and emergency department be handled with diligence so as to ensure that all the citizens of a nation can comfortably acquire healthcare. Funds from the government should also be utilized efficiently to ensure that physicians are able to deal with emergencies in a much quicker advanced way to ensure that patients who are brought in due to emergencies survive. In changing the way funds are mismanaged in the accidents and emergency department, it is vital to monitor the usage of the funds meant to purchase ambulances to ensure that funds are appropriately utilized. This will make it easy for the doctors and nurses to offer quality services to patients that will go a great way in ensuring a healthy nation.

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Technology is a critical player in the emergency department. Dealing with sophisticated types of equipment, like life support machines in cases of heart attack, that are used in handling of emergencies and accidents, a lot of money is spent on the purchase and proper maintaining of these types of equipment. Cost should be reduced by ensuring that quality items are in place at the time of purchase (Ginter, Swayne, & Duncan, 2018). This will ensure that minor problems are avoided that come with fake items. Qualified repair people should be employed to ensure that these types of equipment function properly preferably the original manufactures should be trusted with this issue. Medical technology should be funded for the right medicine to ensure that assistance and the required types of equipment are readily available that will assist in handling of emergencies and accidents without added costs that come along with side effects of the low-quality medicine. The workforce in the accident and emergency department should consider the economy of a country and realize that for the growth of the country’s economy, efficient assistance to patients is essential and thus utilize funds efficiently. New technology should be well checked to ensure that it is of benefit to the patients. Modern medical items, like those used to measure the pressure, should be put in place to ensure that patients’ lives are saved and cases to do with loss of lives are done away with. Cases of broken limbs and excessive bleeding can be handled with drips and sedative medicine to ease the pain for the patients to ensure that lives are not lost. The purchase of quality emergency beds and other emergency items should be done honestly.  According to Acharya et al. (2017), this will ensure that even the low-income earners will have an opportunity to access quality and affordable assistance. The government should also subsidize the cost of acquiring such facilities to enable the low-income earners to acquire quality and affordable assistance. Fatal accidents especially vehicle related accidents are costly to handle in terms of acquiring the necessary assistance due to excessive bleeding and broken limbs. In such a situation, the government is left with the responsibility of subsidizing such costs by employing a workforce that is honest, and that can be trusted with the distribution of funds meant for emergency services. Hospital administrators, doctors and nurses should be trained on the importance of work ethics so as to ensure that they utilize funds properly. This change model will go a great way in dealing with the financial challenge in the emergency and accident department.

The accident and emergency department’s main aim is to offer affordable and quality assistance to all citizens in order to save lives. Mismanagement of funds leads to lack of enough funds to employ enough physicians (White, 2015). It is important that a hospital ensures that there are enough physicians who observe work ethics to ensure cases of funds embezzlement are avoided. Patients who are mostly brought in this department are mostly at the risk of dying. It is critical that there be enough physicians so that they can efficiently attend to these patients. Hospitals that are known to be big and of national level should employ qualified and experienced physicians and occasionally hold seminars to educate them on the importance of work ethics. Many cases have been reported in previous years where by patients taken to emergency department die due to lack of enough physicians to at least give them first aid.

Payment methods in hospitals are crucial for both the patients and the hospital. These payments are important since they facilitate the smooth running of hospital and its departments. Decisions that involve payment methods should be made with regard to the patients. Patients should be considered in terms of emergency and accidents to ensure that they are not overcharged and at the same time pay enough to ensure the smooth running of the accident and emergency department (Ginter, Swayne, & Duncan, 2018). Several cases have been reported in previous years where by patients brought to this department could not be admitted without the insurance with them in person. At other times, hospital staff receive bribes to release some patients without them making proper payments.  This becomes a challenge since the funds allocated to ensure the smooth running of the organization will not be enough. This will in turn affect the quality of services offered thus making it difficult for the smooth running of the organization.

The challenge of funds can be addressed in hospitals whereby patients and outsiders should be encouraged to report cases of corruption. The hospital should put signs that are clear indicating that the organization should a corruption free zone. Patients who come to this department are mostly in critical conditions. Nurses and physicians working in this department at times fail to update the relatives or in other cases the responsible individuals on the progress of the patient. The issue of corruption is a major problem that is very rampant in health organization (White, 2015). Spy cameras should be installed so that issues of corruption can be done with. Hospital staff at times expect to get funds that are out of record from patients to help them getter quicker services. Such cases are responsible for loss of funds in hospitals. At times the situation worsens whereby the patient might require immediate transfer to the intensive care unit for the accidents or the theater rooms for most emergencies like childbirth. Here the staff tends to take advantage. Work ethics should be encouraged so as to avoid such cases.

Another major challenge is the loss of personal belongings in the emergency and accidents department. This occurs mostly whereby the staff that deals with admission of new patients tends to be greedy. This consequently leads to patients’ complains to the organization administrators. This leads to the hospital having to sort the claims made by the patients. Ultimately, funds meant for other beneficial purposes ends up being utilized (Ginter, Swayne, & Duncan, 2018). It is therefore advisable that attendants in this department take care of the items of the patients that are brought in. This will go a great way in improving a good relationship between the patients and the department staff. Untraceable personal items like watches and wallets should be labeled to ensure that they are not lost and that they are given back to the right patients after they get well.


In conclusion, the department of emergency and accidents is faced by several challenges. It is one of the major departments in any hospital. It is therefore important that this department is well maintained since it receives a lot of patients. It is also important that this department to have sufficient physicians at all times since emergencies and accidents can occur at any time of the day or night. High levels of hygiene should also be maintained in this department so that patients do not easily get contaminated with other illnesses as they are mostly in critical situations due to excessive bleeding or too much pain. When all these are done, challenges facing this department will have been dealt with in an effective way.

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