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It is important to appreciate the fact that there is a common belief that has cemented its roots into the minds of many regarding the sexual drives in men and women. It comes out as a stereotype belief that the sex drive in men is greater than that which their female counterparts have. Recent studies done on unwanted and uncontrolled sexual thoughts came to the conclusion that a male sex drive is likely to evoke a lot of original thinking even if an individual is not ready to accommodate such thoughts at any particular point in time. Research done on male college students revealed that they reported more personally unacceptable thoughts about sex. In addition to that, spontaneous data on sexual arousal showed the manner in which men’s sexual desire is greater than that of women. Findings showed that 91 percent accounting for nearly all men had a series of sexual desire in a week compared to 54 percent for females.

On the other hand, it is important to note that psychology has been very candid with alternative arguments that make this claim hard to believe (Hoppe, 2010). According to psychology, all humans have unique psychological needs, and no gender has an art of superiority over the other. In addition to that, this claim has been supported by the fact that if these psychological needs are not supported, everyone is likely to suffer. Psychology also tends to argue that just as we need sleep, food, and shelter, both males and females need to satisfy their sexual needs in equal measure. Women are usually coupled by some emotions compared to their male counterparts. It would be tough for them to act on their sexual drives since they may be influenced by various emotional attributes such as excitement and moods traits that are mostly influenced by emotions (Hoppe, 2010).

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1. Hoppe, D. (2010). Healthy sex drive, healthy you. Encinitas, CA: Health Reflections Press.

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