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Concept Analysis (My POI Is Management of Blood Pressure in Elderly Hypertensive Patients in Long Term Care)

Words · 1053
Pages · 4
Concept Analysis Isometric resistance training is the concept relevant to this Phenomenon of Interest which is the management of blood pressure in elderly hypertensive patients in long term care. The authors of the peer-reviewed ...

Reducing Animal Testing During Toxicology Testing

Words · 2287
Pages · 5
Rating · 4.7/5
The company seeks to discover and develop new human drugs, a process that involves testing procedures and the use of animals as test specimens. Ethical issues, however, have been raised against the use of animal testing, and indi...

Pros and Cons of Pediatric Sedation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Words · 2647
Pages · 10
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Abstract The purpose of the present review is to analyze the advantages and the disadvantages of pediatric sedation in magnetic resonance imaging. The study also aims to elaborate more on how the increased demand for the use of M...