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Assessment of Physical Function.

In: Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice

Overview of the Method Used to Establish the Guideline

The approaches used to establish the guideline include primary and secondary sources as well as searches in electronic databases.  The primary sources provided first-hand information on the assessment of physical function. The secondary sources and electronic databases helped the scholars develop literature review or emphasis on the primary sources.

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How Research Contributed to the Best Practice Guideline

The study added to the best practice guideline since the authors engaged the New York University Health Sciences librarian to guarantee a homogeneous and resourceful method of gathering data in various clinical areas. There was a rating of each text citation, and all researchers had a chance to evaluate the evidence and establish its efficiency and significance in the inclusion in the practice.  Hence, integrity, openness, and cooperation of the authors contributed to the best practice guideline.

New Recommendations Identified in the Guideline and Their Significance in Nursing

The elderly may examine their health based on their capability to function better rather than regarding their illnesses. It is necessary to emphasize on strengths and needs for assistance (Depp & Jeste, 2006 [Level I]; Pearson, 2000 [Level VI]). It is new to me since I thought that individuals should view their health regarding disease alone. However, this idea will help me offer best service and advice to older adults who rarely consider their health regarding how they can function.

Minimize bed rest (Bates-Jensen et al., 2004 [Level V]; Covinsky et al., 1998 [Level II]; Kresevic & Holder, 1998 [Level VI]; Landefeld et al., 1995 [Level II]). Initially, I thought that bed rest is the method to help the patient recover or reduce some pressure. However, the recommendations have helped me understand the dangers of bed rest and reasons why it should be minimized.

Help the elderly and their relatives establish realistic functional ability with interdisciplinary consultation (Kresevic & Holder, 1998 [Level VI]). It is new to me because I knew all older adults have the right to make their decision without any influence. However, the recommendation will help me in advising my patients to seek interdisciplinary advice to achieve and verify rational functional capability.

1. Kresevic, D. M. (2012). Assessment of physical function. In M. Boltz, E. Capezuti, T. Fulmer & D. Zwicker (Eds.), Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice (pp. 89-103). New York (NY): Springer Publishing Company.

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