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The ability to read and interpret EKG rhythms correctly is important because it determines the kind of care that is to be provided to a patient. Nurse practitioners must, therefore, be able to correctly identify the various EKG rhythms for the sake of the patients. The video on EKG rhythms acts as an important reminder that as a nurse practitioner I need to be conversant with common techniques and testing mechanisms that can help me provide quality care to my patients (SkillSTAT Learning Canada, 2018). Based on the video I have learned that a nurse practitioner must make use of a systematic process when interpreting EKG rhythms in order to guarantee correct interpretation. I have learned that a complete cardiac cycle consists of the P, Q, R, S and T waves hence when identifying different rhythms, one must pay attention to these waves. Identifying the normal and abnormal components present on the EKG helps differentiate between the different rhythms.

Since identifying the different EKH rhythms help in the diagnosis of a patient’s illness or condition, the correct identification is important in choosing a proper treatment for the cause of an abnormal rhythm where such is the case. I have learned that as a nurse practitioner one must pay attention to the rate of the rhythm, whether or not there is a P wave before every QRS, whether the P waves in the rhythm are upright as well as uniform, the length of the PR interval and also whether the all the QRS are similar. For a normal sinus rhythm, for example, the rate will be 60-100 beats per minute, there will be a P wave before each QRS which is upright and uniform and all the QRS will be similar. Such a systematic process of identifying the different rhythms ensures accuracy.

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