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Reflection Paper

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The nursing profession as a significant component of healthcare continues to retain its primary role in contributing to the enhancement of the health outcomes of patients (Mareno, 2015). Therefore, the role of a registered nurse revolves around ensuring patients’ access to the best and quality healthcare services. While different registered nurses have diverse personal and professional experiences while they carry out their roles, the goal is always common; to provide patient-centered care (Kitson et al., 2013). In this article, I concisely outline my Professional Experiences as a Registered Nurse (RN), Professional Accomplishments, as well as my Short Term Goals and Discuss Long-Term Goals as an RN.

Professional Experiences as a Registered Nurse

My experience as an RN has been exciting and mixed up with pleasant and not-so-pleasant experiences. I have had to contend with not so many pleasing events as well as exciting episodes. Having t deal with diverse kinds of patients has been one of the most challenging aspects of my professional experiences. Patients I have attended to in my practice have presented differing perspective to healthcare including their transcultural variations. Because of these diversities, I have found it essential to not only develop cultural sensitivity when dealing with different patients but to also strive hard to provide patient-centered healthcare services. Patient-centered care ensures that a nurse engages the patient from the patient’s point of view as a model of avoiding making decisions on behalf of the patient. It allows the patient to participate in the decision-making processes in determining the most appropriate healthcare interventions that will guarantee positive outcomes for their health (Moyle et al., 2015). One of my most significant challenges has been in dealing with geriatric patients who require a lot of patience to engage. However, handling pediatric patients has always been very interesting noting the abundance of innocence these patients assume and the excitement to ask multiple questions about their wellbeing.

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Professional Accomplishments as a Registered Nurse

Within my 5 years of practice as an RN, I have had the opportunity to deal with many patients. My accomplishments have cut across administration of medication, responding to patients’ questions as well as escalating any pertinent issues and concerns to my nurse supervisors. I have accomplished tasks that have included the observation and recording of behavior exhibited by patients, gathering patients’ health histories, engaging and educating the patients concerning their treatment plans as well as the available options. I have also performed physical exams and diagnostic procedures on patients, offered counseling to these patients as well as their families, and administered medications.

Planned Short Term and Long Term Goals

As a person desiring to be trusted as a competent nurse, I have both short term as well as long-term goals.  As a short-term goal, I am planning to register a member of a nursing professional body to enhance my trustworthiness and accountability but also to build healthy professional relationships from individuals from whom I can gain knowledge from their experiences. On the other hand, as a long-term goal, my intentions include participating in continuing education including furthering my education through a master’s degree, which I believe, will help advance my competence.


In summary, my experiences as a registered nurse have included both challenging as well as exciting situations. For example, while dealing with geriatric patients has been challenging, handling pediatric patients has been very exciting and encouraging. Furthermore, my accomplishments have included fostering patient-centered care at my workplace. Lastly, my short-term goals include joining a nursing professional body to enhance my accountability as well as pursue a master’s degree in nursing to improve my skills and competence.

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