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How Quality of Care and Leadership Responsibilities contributed to Nursing Pathways.

Quality care and leadership responsibilities during training of a nurse play a very important role in the development of an individual. During the training of the nurse, there are a lot of experiences that he or she learns which puts him or her in a situations that  will make it  easy to develop as a qualified professional. The following are the ways which quality of care and leadership responsibilities helps an individual in the development of his or her profession.

During the process of offering the quality of care, the nurses who are training are expected to recognize and always respond to the new demands that arise from the always changing  health care systems. The complex health care systems include the professional standards, increasing accountability in all the activities that the nurses do and perform must be  in line with the new regulations. Therefore as a student offering the quality care using these new regulations helps him or her to learn all the regulations. This means that whenever the trainee understands all these regulations, it will be very easy for him or her to develop all the skills. Nevertheless, the nurse has the capability of using all the nursing and health regulations in the process of offering quality health care. That means that it will be very easy to understand and offer services which have great qualities.Therefore by the time the trainee is through with the course ,it will be evicent that he or she will know and understand all the regulations related to the nursing profession.

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The leadership responsibilities enable the student to know what he or she requires in the process of the offering health care as a leader of a group. It gives the student a chance of controlling others in the process of giving the best health care. This will make sure the nurse learns how to control people below him in the process of offering quality health care. Therefore the pathways develop as a result of the leadership responsibilities which were given to the nurse who was still training.

Giving quality care and leadership responsibilities help in planning and knowing the priorities that are needed in the system. There are activities in the nursing profession which require more attention than others. Therefore during the process of learning, the nurse trainee will have the opportunity to know which are activities are priorities. This will enable the nurse to lead the people who are working under him or her during the situations that require top priorities and situations that do not require priorities

Therefore in the process of nursing development through offering quality health care and being given the leadership roles plays and important part in developing the path of a nurse. This will increase the working experience. By the end of the training, the nurse profession will make a breakthrough and it will be easy for them to apply in the field.

How You Applied the Elements of the Quality of the Nursing Model

The following are the elements of the quality nursing within the professional. The elements have been derived from the nursing practices during the process of surgery. Each element has been discussed in a way which it was used and how it improved my experience.

One element of nursing is professionalism. This involves the way that the nurses do their jobs. In the process of doing the job, it is a must to maintain the professionalism. Aspects such ethics and the code of conducts should be the principles that guide you in all the activities which are done in the health care unit. Nevertheless, the nurse is supposed to be consistent with all the progressive aspects of health system such as mutation of certain diseases and the changing rules. He or she is not supposed to lag behind.Through the use of the element of professionalism, I had the ability to know and practice the profession through the use the appropriate ethics and the code of conducts.The code of conduct was my principles in all the activities that I did. By the end of the training i was familiar will all the ethics, codes of conduct and the progressive aspects of the system.

Respectful is the other important element which is supposed to be adhered to by the nurse. During my learning and practical process in the health care system, I was taught to accord respect to all the patient. The nurse is supposed to treat any client with dignity and respect in the several fields of interactions. Additionally, the nurse has the responsibility to ensure that his or her clients are supported in case that  they might be physically impaired. Lastly, ensure that you maintain the relationship between the nurse and the client. During the process of learning, I had a chance to know how to treat patients with a lot of respect.

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Lastly is the individualism when dealing with the consumer of the services. All the decision should be made in regard to the choices made by the consumer. This will make sure that all the decision reached by the nurse are explained well to the patient. During surgical process, it is important that the nurse takes the decision of the individual and his or her family so that to avoid incidences of the patient complaining that they

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