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Bone Diseases

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Osteoporosis Signs and Symptoms: Recurrent back pain, height loss, and bone fracturing (Imperial Valley College, 2008). Pathophysiology: Mineralization breakdown and softening of the bone (McCarthy & Frassica, 2014). Etiology...

Adult Obesity in Miami-Dade County

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Introduction Obesity among adults is a growing health concern in Miami. Among each group of eight people in Florida, one of them is categorized as obese and at a danger for diabetes, heart disease, depression and arthritis. For p...

Research Methodology

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Research Contribution to Practice Area and the Involved Ethical Issues Nursing is considered to be the practice area for this particular research paper. While identifying the ways, through which research contributes to the practi...


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Review of the Video on Healthy Bones Three problems related to bone health are osteoporosis, osteopenia and bone fractures. Osteoporosis is a bone disease characterized by more than 25% decrease of bone density and an alteration ...